Thursday, February 19, 2009

Here's Where I Am At

I have thought a million times about blogging lately, but nothing has come. I have had a million things on my mind, but not sure how to put them into words. I have thought of a million ways to completely change my blog – the look, what I blog about, etc, but haven't decided yet.

So here is a random list of my current thoughts for anyone who cares…

1. I am sick of my house. I want to re-do a lot of things in it, but can’t find the motivation or make the time – oh yea, and then there’s the money! I REALLY want to move to a house with bathrooms bigger than coat closets and closets bigger than port- a- potties – or is the other way around? This may not be the best time in our lives to move, but I still ponder it… I have for about 8 years. So, for now, I am making plans to change things here and there in the most economical ways I can.

2. I am often consumed with the mess our country is currently in. Republican, Libertarian, or Democrat, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that we are in a mess and it has taken years of mismanagement to get here under several presidents and perhaps more significantly, under several groups of misguided and dishonest congressmen. Did we all just think that that famous scriptural “pride cycle” would never touch us? I am pretty sure I have been in denial about that until recently. So, I work on my food storage and my emergency preparedness these days. And, I try to figure out what I can do to make a difference in this country, or in my own little part of the world, somehow. I think it is time for all of us to step up. More on that later. For now, you can go here.

3. My Richie and I got engaged 25 years ago today. Since it was around Valentine’s Day, we always make that day a big deal – YES, I know many people hate V Day and I recognize a lot of people think a card company created it. Doesn’t matter – we love it. Rich took the 13th off of work and we spent Friday and Saturday going to dinner, watching movies, went to the temple, making whole wheat bread – YES, that is what I said – that is what he wanted for his present-for me to teach him how. I don’t really know how to that well, but man – we did a GREAT job! I used my mom’s old bread recipe from like 1950 something. DEElish.

4. As I wrote in a previous post, for us, 2008 was not so great, and we pray 2009 will be divine (I can’t believe I just wrote it that way…ew).

2009 has a lot going on for us:

~We will both turn 50! Yikes!! EWW! It can’t be!! When did I actually start admitting my age?

~We will celebrate our 25th anniversary on the 25th of May – woo hoo!! How should we celebrate that? Pondering a cruise….hm….I mean, we have been saving for one for about 15 years before we lost a lot of it in the stock market.

~My missionary son will come HOME in August! CanNOT wait.

~My dear daughter will return home from her needed time away at a boarding school – HOORay! LONG story there, still waiting for the right time to blog about that.

So, while I struggle to not dwell on past challenges, and as I easily see this current nation and world full of sadness, frustration, disarray, and dishonesty, I am very excited for the next six months and grateful for my many blessings.