Sunday, July 24, 2011

They're Coming!

This week I've been preparing for the return of my sweet son!    I've cleaned up his storage room bedroom so that he can trash sleep in it, unpack, and repack.  He'll be here for about three weeks.

The BONUS is that sweet Britt is coming with him.  Ok, well sort of - when Hubby booked the flights he accidentally booked them on two DIFFERENT flights (thanks to frequent flyer miles, and old age....).  She arrives tomorrow around 4ish, and he arrives later at night.  So, I will get some wonderful one-on-one time with my future daughter-in-law!  I'm excited.  It will  a good opportunity as well for her and Les to bond before Brian gets here.  Britt will be here for a week.

Les has been busy making a few gifts for her future sister.  I will post about that later -- wouldn't want to spoil the surprise!  This week is important for Leslie - I pray she adjusts well.  I've been busy cleaning and cooking.  My fridge hasn't been this full since.... last summer. 

This will be the last time Brian is home as a single man.  It will be a busy three weeks with doctor appointments, wedding plans, cleaning out and packing stuff up, addressing invitations,  and hopefully lots of time together as a family.  I have mixed emotions, but the joy of the upcoming occasion is overtaking any sadness I might have as I "lose" my son.  He will always be my son.  I am truly thrilled to have a new daughter to love and to spoil when I can.  I've enjoyed my many phone calls and texts with her over the past few weeks as wedding plans march on.   Now we'll aid her in meshing in to our family.  I feel blessed.  I hope I don't sound naive.

If I do, just let me be for a little while.

PS - for those who don't know, the wedding is Sept 10!  9-10-11.  Whew - coming so very fast.