Monday, March 31, 2008

Let the recipe SHOW!

Today has been a cold and dreary day - didn't feel like Spring at all.
I definitely am affected by the weather - So, I sat at my computer way too much.
BUT - look what I found!! This fun website called has all kinds of cool things. It appears to be quite a "green" site. While I appreciate all that Heavenly Father has created for us, and definitely feel that we need to care for our earth, etc., I do believe this "green" thing has gone way too far. That said, there are some very unique and fun things here. I print recipes from friends and from the internet all the time. I have my own way or organizing recipes in 4 x 6 photo albums and just slide them into the little photo sleeves. However, this thing seems to be way better than that! I just may have to order one!

Pretending to be Organized

I love Target. I love the Dollar Spot. I know that many of you love it, too, because I have either read that on your blogs or we have discussed it. However I particularly only love it right AFTER a holiday. That is when the coolest stuff is there in my opinion. That is also when my FAVORITE dollar old lady reading glasses are there. I buy many pairs at once and put them all over the house, in the car, in my purse, etc.. They don’t last long, so I need lots of them! You 30-somethings will get that in a few years….

Today, on this blog, Creative Organizing (thanks to my idea girl, Erin) I saw cute little galvanized tubs, which were purchased at said store in said dollar spot. So, while near Target today, I went in and got some. I can be trendy and unable to resist peer pressure as much as the next girl. Did I know what to DO with the little tubs? Of course not. But I bought a few. I also bought some of their cool gardening stuff as well (ask me in a few weeks how my little herb garden is doing, which will be placed in…. one of these new little tubs! OH my!)

So, a few months ago I bought this at Target. I have the world’s smallest bathrooms and worst storage available known to woman in this house. All you girls with your big bathrooms and bathtubs, and walk-in closets, be grateful. I thought this little shelf would be a great little item under my very out-of-place pedestal sink in the aforementioned no-storage bathroom (no, I did not choose it – the previous owners installed it). Low and behold, while getting ready to write this post, I find that this is supposed to be a SHOWER shelf. Who knew? I also of course have a very tiny shower with no place to put anything, so I just may well get another one of those puppies and try it in the shower – well, that is, if there is enough ROOM for it and me at the same time. That is questionable….

Ok, so since I bought that little shelf thingie, I have been looking for little “holders” to “hold” things on the little shelves that would be attractive. What could I find that will fit? AH HA!!!! You got it – these little galvanized tubs ALSO come in little buckets with a handle and…. they fit! I feel so creative now. IF I actually had time, I would put it all together for you and photograph it like you all are so good at doing. But alas, I gotta run…… I must not be so creative as I thought.

And, I don’t have the patience to WAIT to post this later….°Ü°

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

As I searched today for some pretty file folders and other decorative office supplies today, I happened upon this website. Since I have many sister BO's (born organized) friends and some who aren't so organized ( I personally fit into both categories....) I thought you might like to check out this website if you haven't seen it already. They even have a home show branch - wanna sell this stuff instead of Tupperware? Hmm..... something to consider!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Falling Over Inside Out

As I have stated here before, one of my favorite things to do is to sing in my car with my family. Richard and I have been doing that since we started dating – originally singing to Billy Joel and of course, Kenny Loggins. We have also always been drawn to unusual groups with unique harmony, such as The Nylons, Take 6, Manhattan Transfer, just to name a few. It must stem from when I was in a group called “ The Beauty Shop Quartet” when I was in high school.

Our current favorite group is Inside Out, an LDS group of men that formed at BYU during their years with BYU Men’s Chorus. We bought one of their CDs several years ago, which rapidly became a favorite to listen to on family trips and on Sundays. We have since bought almost every one they have produced, and were lucky enough to see them perform live at the Washington, DC Visitors Center a few years ago.

This past summer we took our last vacation before Brian left on his mission. We flew out west and rented a car, and drove all over Nevada, Utah, Idaho, and Arizona. We purchased two of IO’s newest CDs Sharing Time and Experience. Sharing Time is their unique take on many Primary songs, with one or two originals they wrote. Believe me, once you hear their version of “Once There Was a Snowman”, you will never go back!

We now have great memories of family vacations attached to these songs. Isn’t if funny how music affects us in that way? Music is a true gift from Heavenly Father, and this group uses it in such a great way to bring humor and spirit to our lives.

Take a listen to a few of there songs here. If you enjoy music as a family, or even just for yourself, consider adopting this groups as one of your favorites, too.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

L's Bedroom Re-Do

Well, you have been WAITING for sooo long (Selena!), I thought I would finally finish Leslie's new room re-do. I know, it only took me about two months. HA. Her room walls used to be pink with a painted border at the top made from stripes of dark purple and brighter pink. Then there were big flowers and swirlies stamped over the top out of paint in various coordinating colors.
I LOVED it. However, as she approached turning 16, she decided she needed a room that was a bit more sophisticated. I hesitantly agreed (knowing that I would be doing most of the work!).

She chose the black and white bedding, (JC Penney), paint (a greyish-blue -Lowe's paint), motif, curtains (Ikea shimmery sheers), and the quotes for her walls made out of vinyl (Thanks to my friend Kaylene who has/had a vinyl lettering business!).
Leslie's room is VERY small and her closet is minuscule, which adds many challenges to decorating and living. We have many cute boxes providing storage underneath her daybed. They are hidden for the purpose of this post! I find the room a bit too busy for me, but I"m not 16 and she LOVES it. I think she did very well choosing the colors and items. So, enjoy.

I welcome advice on this one.... I said the room is small. This bookshelf below is the only place for storage for her for craft things, a few extra books, a few cherished nicknacks, etc. other than the other stuff under her bed! So, you organizers out there - post any suggestions you have! It has to be as trouble-free as possible, and match the room of course, and oh, cheaper than Pottery Barn!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Ode to Kathleen

My sister-in-law Kathleen (Kate), Richard’s youngest sister, is an amazing woman. She is a beautiful, intelligent and multi-faceted woman with numerous talents, boatloads of patience, and a great sense of humor. I learn a lot from her whenever I get the chance (ALL of his sisters are wonderful, but for today, I speak of Kate…).

While spending Thanksgiving with her and her family in Tennessee last year, I learned a few new things from her. Two of them I will point out today.

Kate and two of her friends, both motivated and strong like she is, established a group called “the Goal Girls”. One day each week, the three meet at one of their respective homes to work together on the goal chosen by that friend. It might be cleaning out closets, finishing painting a wall, or something unrelated to the household. They keep each other focused and working. Sometimes they just provide “group therapy” for one another. A sense of accomplishment is felt among all three because they are able to work together, enjoy one another’s company, discuss the gospel, and learn from each other’s life experiences all while getting something done, even with their little ones running around.

What a GREAT idea!

The second great thing Kate taught me was about her philosophy of “life units”. I don’t know if she came up with this idea on her own, but she is definitely smart enough to have done so. While at first the idea seems amusing, it truly makes complete sense to me. She approaches her life with the attitude that we have all been given X amount of life units. When our life units are all used up, we are probably finished with our mission here on earth. This assists her in prioritizing tasks and stresses and in coping with life’s ups and downs. She doesn’t want to waste her life units on things that don’t really matter, like worrying about things she cannot control, wasting time on tasks that really have no value (good, better, best – like Elder Oaks says). She will say, “Well, I would rather use my life units going on an outing with my kids rather than wasting them on …...” or whatever it may be. I think she has figured out the secret of life.

I am glad you are my sister, Kate! Thank you for teaching me, once again. I love you.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sweetheart Tag

Due to a very complicated week, my goals written below are not finished and will be extended through THIS week. I wanted to post something anyway, so for fun, here we go (thanks to Christine!).
What's his name? Richard, Richie, Richiepoooo (not really)
How long have you been married? 24 years in May (and as he says, it's been the best 20 years of our lives)
How long did you date? 6 months face to face, 6 months long-distance
How old is he? Older than dirt – and I am 3 months older than that
Who eats more? He eats more real food, I eat more junque
Who is taller? He is
Who said 'I love you' first? Richard
Who does the laundry? I wash and dry, he helps to fold and put away
Who does the dishes? We both do
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? He does
Who cooks dinner? I cook during the week, he often cooks on the weekends
Who sings better? I have more musical experience, but Rich sings great, too
Who drives when you are together? We trade off – if we don’t want to argue, then I drive - hahahaha
Who is more stubborn? See above answer – I am, definitely
Who is smarter? Richard, no question
Who kissed who first? He kissed me, finally
Who asked who out first? He asked me, officially, but our first fun time together was playing Frisbee with all our roommates at the park near BYU at one minute after Midnight on Memorial Day, so we would NOT break the Sabbath…. Twisted thinking, I know
Who proposed? He did
Who is more sensitive? I am, definitely
Who has more friends? I do
Who has more siblings? He does – 6 in all
Who wears the pants in the family? I like the way Ashley put it – we both have one leg in. No major decisions are made without discussion, but he leads our family
I am adding this:
What is your favorite thing about him? See the photo with his great-nephew, Jackson. He loves children so very much. He has a loving and kind heart. (I know, that is two, but they go together)
I tag Lindsay S (if you didn’t’ do it already…), Amanda C, Emily P. and…any of you who haven’t done this yet!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


My husband’s sentences

Washing the dishes

My plate

Off the cookies or candies in the house

My visiting teaching (well, almost always)

My hair and makeup

Making the bed in the morning

Letters to my missionary son

Preparing Sunday School lessons


New Year’s resolutions

The laundry


Room decorating

Altering clothes, pant lengths, etc


Wishing we were in DisneyWorld

Emergency preparedness


Sewing projects

So, this week I am trying to improve upon this.

This week, I am trying to:

Finish altering Leslie’s new pants (I won’t tell you how long ago they were purchased)

Finish Leslie’s bedroom re-do (thanks to the requests from Ya’ll!)

Finish my paperwork for my lil’ home business (taxes, taxes)

I will report back! Now that it is “out” there, maybe that will give me more motivation.

What do YOU finish or NOT finish?

Monday, March 3, 2008

New Do, New Camera, New Family Member

Thanks to the three of you who read this blog, (ha ha), I did get me a new camera! I got one like Erin suggested, a Canon SD850 which came lightning fast from Beach Camera (I ordered it on Friday and it came Saturday afternoon!). I am not ready for an SLR, but a pocket one is great for me. It is fun to play with.... so, in it's honor, I took photos to post. Leslie recently purchased a new Pet, named Cutie. I call the bird "Boyd". She also decided to chop off her lovely brown curly locks and go for a more punk short look. So, here you have it.