Sunday, September 4, 2011

Last bits of Family Birthday Fun

My son gets married in 6 days.  That is an amazing thing to say!  Wow - it is so strange how time passes without us noticing, and when we notice, the moments are gone.

However, before he left home and moved out to prepare for his wedding,  we celebrated his 23rd birthday together!  We had a fun day.  He wanted to start the day eating breakfast at Elmo's - NOT Elmo as in Sesame Street, but Elmo is some old local guy with a diner.  Richard has been taking the kids there for breakfasts for years. Here is a little taste of homegrown Carroll County fun:


Nothing at Elmo's is fresh other than the eggs and probably the bacon, etc. -no fruit, no smoothies, no fancy coffee or hot chocolate drinks.  All utensils and dinnerware are plastic and Styrofoam.  It's a fun flavor of our area - and a great memory.

Other festivities included opening presents, eating CRABS and having cake.  Well, Mint Brownies.  Hmm.... lots of celebrating around food.... wow.  Weird.  Anyway....

Brittney loves Ninja Turtles.  Les got him a shirt to celebrate that.

Lots of fun "gamer" stuff from his B. (Aka Brittney)

And now.....  Sigh.

Welcome to BRITTNEY

My future daughter in law was here for a week the end of July-beginning of August.  We enjoyed getting to know her and spending time with her.  She fits right in to the family.  We hope she sees it that way as well.  It is clear that she loves my son, and he loves her.  - I think I said that before?  Well, it is.

We didn't take a lot of photos, but here are a few:

Sisters Meet!


At the mall

Family Game Night!

Draw Before You Discard

We already love her and know she is meant to be ours. Brian's eternal mate.  I look forward to meeting the rest of her family in a few days!