Sunday, May 25, 2008

Happy Anniversary to US!

Twenty-four years ago today at 10:30 a.m., with 113° heat outside, we were married in the Mesa, Arizona LDS temple. Here is the checklist from my journal listing the qualities I was looking for in the man I hoped to find and marry:

January 23, 1983 (4 months before meeting him!)
Eternal Companion Check List
~honors priesthood
~has leadership qualities
~Returned Missionary (espanol??)
~my best friend
~sense of humor
~treats me like a queen and with respect
~wants to understand me and DOES
~interested in other people’s welfare – sincere
~has knowledge of the gospel

Except for speaking Spanish, my sweet eternal companion hits every mark, and more. I am “Richly” blessed. I love you, Richie!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Can you even GET a half gallon of ice cream?

Ok, so I hear all the time that food/grocery prices have gone up over the past year. I have seen it but have not felt the pain too much until today. Can you BELIEVE that ice cream cartons are shrinking?? I was appalled - went to buy my favorite flavor of Edy's (for you westerners that is Dreyer's) and low and behold, the carton was sooo tiny! I remember in the "old days", maybe 5 years ago, you could buy a 1/2 gallon (for you non -math people that is 2 quarts) of ice cream. Then it shrunk to 1.75 quarts, and NOW---- 1.5 quarts and for the same price as when it was BIGGER. A travesty, I tell you. Now I believe all the reports. Hmm.... should I boycott the company? Nahh....better get a year's supply in my freezer before the prices go up again!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Full Circle Mother's Day

I have always had many mixed thoughts and emotions about Mother’s Day. I would say that this “holiday”, more than any other, brings on a variety of feelings to most women depending on what season of life you happen to be in. While currently being thrust into a season of my life that I did not expect for a few more years, I am pondering Motherhood quite deeply these days.

Since today I cannot be with most of my loved ones, whether they be far or whether they be in the Spirit World, I decided to decorate myself with reminders of them. Today I wear my mother’s beautiful ruby and diamond heart ring, and a tiny Navajo turquoise and sterling silver ring that my dear grandmother gave to me. On my wrist I wear a beaded crystal and silver bracelet that my daughter made, and my Eagle Scout mother pin on my shirt. And, even though I am with my dear husband today, I wear some lovely diamond stud earrings that he gave me for an anniversary a few years ago. These simple yet dear items envelope me in memories and warm thoughts of past years and precious moments gone by.

During the long wait for children to arrive to us, I skipped many a Sacrament Meeting on Mother’s Day. Even though I knew I would hear lovely talks focusing on “all women” being Mothers, I just couldn’t take it. When my children were little and I was feeling overwhelmed and tired, I didn’t skip the meeting, but endured hearing about all the wonderful mothers in the room and felt that I did not measure up to any of them. Today, definitely a little older and hopefully slightly wiser, I appreciated the words of the youth speaker, a mother of adult children, a young father, and of our dear bishop. Their words touched my heart and lifted me – is that because of my “season”?

My mom used to tell me that” what goes around comes around”. Today seemed like a “full circle” day in my life.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Sweetheart Tag Part Deux

My dear friend Amy (one of my former Mia Maids) tagged me recently - but I actually already answered most of these questions s a few months ago on a Sweetheart tag.

Since I have not posted much lately, I will take the easy way out and answer the questions that were new on this tag:

Where does he work? Can't tell you or he will have to shoot you.

Who mows the lawn? NEVER me, used to be our missionary son, now it is Richard.

Who pays the bills? I do

Whose parents do we see more? Well, since 3 out of 4 are in the Spirit World, I guess we now see Richard's mom the most....

Exciting, I know..... ha ha.