Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Anime and Aspergirl ....and Then There's Me

A day in the life of my aspie and me:

[Necessary background knowledge - there are two Anime conventions coming up, one in February called "Katsucon" and one in July, called "Otakon".   These are for those who love and live for Japanese animation, called Anime.   Most convention attendees of all ages dress up in their favorite characters.  Many spends hundreds of dollars buying and/or hours creating the perfect costume.  This is a land full of Aspergers people, with pure fantasy and acceptance of who they are, regardless of obsession, nerdiness, or social abilities.  This is a land that L walked into in July and we have yet to retrieve her.  She had such a great time when she attended that she has spent nearly every day since then planning for the next one.  Part of her costume was already made for Halloween and for Katsucon.  However, a new one must be made for Otakon....]

Now, with that background, we march into today's dialogue:

L - Can I order my ocarina and Legend of Zelda costume things now?  I've saved up money for part of it.
me - we need to talk about your budget first
L -(after 5 minutes) ok, so we talked about it.  Can I order my stuff now?
me - no, we aren't finished yet.
(Later, after reality set in about the high costs of things desired for the Otakon costume)
L- I decided to make the rest of my costume.  Will you help me?
me - absolutely, but the convention isn't until July, so I'm not working on it with you until January.
L - ok, so here is what I need.....
me - ok but can we wait until January to plan it?
L - sure, but let me describe the sword and the sword sheath for you.....
me - what are you going to cook for dinner tonight?
L - Japanese Stir Fry.   Please buy the Japanese vegetable package at the store.
me - what books did you get at the library?
L - two manga books and two books on how to speak Japanese.
me - what are you drawing?
L - my comic strip where I am with Link in the Zelda world (Link is a character from Legend of Zelda, the one she is creating the costume for.).
me - oh ok.....
This is the first "Link" costume.  She made the whole thing except for the ears and wig.  I only helped a little. 
L - I'm going to look on Ebay to see if I can find that ocarina for a cheaper price.  Can I do that now?   OH, here are a couple of websites where it is cheaper.  OH, the Ebay bidding starts at 7 bucks.  Can I bid now?
me - you have to leave for work in 10 minutes.
L - ok, I'll do it later.
L- (half way to work...) OH NO - I forgot my name tag and apron!
me - I'll bail you out one time.  I'll go get them for you.
L - thank you!  Wow - I don't know how I forgot that.  I never forget them.
me - well, you were obsessing over the ocarina this morning, so I'm thinking that your apron and tag weren't on your mind.
L - ugh.  you're probably right.  I'm so sorry.
me - it's ok.  It will all work out.
me - doesn't Kathryn have an Ocarina that you can borrow?
L - she has two but neither is the right one.
me - what difference does it make?  It's a costume - who will know?
L - anyone who plays the game will know.
me -well, if I played the game, I would not know that the ocarina you had with your costume was the right one, nor would I care.
L - well, these people care.  I care.  They will notice, believe me.
me - yea - I believe you.  I should know better than to even question the importance of details....
Halloween - with Kathryn, who has the wrong Ocarina....
me - (after  words and frustrations regarding budgeting and make up....) what are you upset about?
L - I am just trying to make you happy.
me - why do you think you have to make me happy?
L - because I never do anything right.   What, was I too "me" when we talked about the budget?
me - what do you mean "too me"?
L - too aspie?
me - not at all.  I thought you handled the discussion perfectly.  Sometimes I just need a break after talking about money - ask Dad.  It's true.
L - oh ok.  So it's not my fault that you got mad?
me - I wasn't mad.
L - I thought you were mad.
me - no, I just needed a break.
L - oh, well did you need a break because of me?'
me  - NO, I wasn't angry.  I just needed a break.  But this is starting to make me a little angry.
me - it's ok.  Everything is fine.  You handled the money situation very well.
L - oh, ok.  Thanks.  So can we order that stuff now?
I adore my aspie girl, or "aspergirl".   She is a delight most of the time.  She has had some extremely hard knocks in her young life.  I often find her challenges to be very unfair, and it takes a lot of faith on her part and ours to keep walking one step at a time through them.  However, I am convinced that once she gets through the teen years and gets some college under her belt, she will find that her "quirks" will take her on a road of great satisfaction and success.

She just might have to WAIT a little while.....

Post Script - Aspergirl approved this message - after correcting my spelling and part of the story.  

Monday, November 22, 2010

Ch Ch Ch Changes

The holiday season is upon us.  By this time during most years, I have usually ordered family photos and Christmas cards.  Hubby has usually developed his inventive Christmas letter.  We generally know what our plans will be and who will be giving and getting what gifts.   Last year I blogged about how our family is changing, and with those changes came some frustrations.  In the end, as I wrote, we did have a lovely Christmas with just the four of us.   However, wheels began turning to change it all up.  Those wheels are really rolling now.

As described in that post last year,  we pondered suspending the annual, traditional Tait Christmas Eve party.  It has been suspended.   We won't be in town.

That's right - we have decided to go away for Christmas!  We haven't done that for years and years.  Now that the kids are grown, it just makes sense.  We are using our Christmas Savings account to go on a trip instead of for buying presents.  The kids thought this was a great idea - memories instead of "things".

Together after great consultation, we chose Orlando, Florida.  We have been there 2 or 3 times before, so it will be different this time with four adults.  Well, some of us don't act so "adult" when it comes to the "Happiest Place in the World".   However, we look forward to some new adventures at new places.  We will be there several days before Christmas, so we hope that will mean several days before the horrendous crowds.   The other change is that we won't crowd into a single hotel room with two large beds, and a roll-away.  We will be in an affordable suite.  We are all adults now (or at least that is what I keep telling myself....!).

We decided to assign each family member a day on which he or she has to plan the activities.  The rest of the family will go along, and will do our best to not complain on the other member's "days".  Yep - we will do our BEST !  We will also only have Christmas stockings, not wrapped presents.  Gifts have to fit inside the stockings.  We are also planning to have Christmas devotionals each day to help us truly feel the spirit and joy of the season in the way that really matters.  We enjoy road trips together, so we are working on things that will help the time pass on the way as we drive down the east coast.  We have tried to convince a few family members to meet us there, but the timing isn't working out.  

It seems that my mind will be occupied by getting ready for this trip more than "getting ready for Christmas".  I have given the whole holiday very little thought.  That disturbs me a bit, actually.  I think it is in part due to being in and out of town over the past month.  We just might not send out cards this year - sorry, people.  Everything about this year's Christmas seems different to me.  And yet, of course, the true purpose of celebration has not changed.  We are just changing the way we will celebrate.

You'll have to WAIT to see how it all turns out!!  Stay tuned.....

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

VayCay in Paradise Part 2

 Can you go to Hawaii without spending at least one day at the beach?  I think not.  We rented an umbrella and chairs, and loved spending the day out in the wonderful ocean air.  Richie read a book on his Kindle, I read my paperback and played Angry Birds on my phone :), and we got in and out of the sun and water.  SOO much fun.

Um.... NO.  No photos of me in my bathing suit.  Just of my feet.  Seriously.

 On Sunday, we went to church and then drove all over the island.  We went to the FAR side where there are cliffs and amazingly huge, windy waves.  We ended up seeing some kite surfers!  What an amazing sport - so exciting to watch. 

We ate at some wonderful restaurants in the Waikiki shopping area.  WOW - amazing food.  Here we are at the famous Duke's at the Outrigger Hotel.  That's beach behind us, but it's hard to see....cuz it was nighttime.

Rich had to work during several of the days, so I hung out at the beautiful pools during some of the time.  Ah, the pool, with fun little smoothies and drinks and sun and reading and relaxing.  I haven't done that in years.  I even went to the pool on my last morning there - here are the views from my pool chair.  Mahalo, Pool Chair.  I will miss you.

I feel very blessed to have been able to go on such a wonderful trip with my dear, wonderful, loving and kind husband.  We are rejuvenated and ready to battle and enjoy life's wavy roads.  I hope to go again sometime, but...

I'll have to wait...... a very long time.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

VayCay in Paradise Part 1

So, Hubby had to go to Hawaii on business recently.  Poor man.  I decided to go WITH him!  All I had to buy was my plane ticket and have some cash for shopping.  WOOT!   We had a most wonderful time.  We count this as our 25th Wedding anniversary trip, even though we are approaching our 27th year.   Here are  a few highlights....

My kitty, Charlotte, wanting to go with us.
Richie, next to the gorgeous sky right after our arrival.
We stayed at a lovely resort, right on the beach, surrounded by beautiful things to see
all over the property.

And here are some of the sites on my morning walks:

No, I didn't walk barefoot the WHOLE way....

We spent a day going to the 'Iolani Palace and driving around the island over to the North Shore for some "shave ice" and the freshest shrimp ever - right next to a shrimp farm!  DEElish.

Gotta protect the restored floors, you know.
According to our Hawaiian friends, the Keikis, this is the BEST Shave Ice place on the island.  There were definitely a lot of tourists there, so it must be true!

We talked to locals at the palace who told us about Fumi's Shrimp - ahhhh, so very wonderful.
This little kitty thought it was wonderful, too.

We also enjoyed a nice Luau.  Gotta say, it wasn't as good as the one at the
Polynesian Cultural Center that we attended a few years ago, but it was nice.

The band
Come to the LUAU!
Some really amazing dancers!


Apparently our assigned dinner companions were too drunk to get a good photo of us - this was 
the best one....