Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My NEW Best Friend

Ok, NOT to offend any of you, but I think I have found my new best friend. I am not sure whose blog I found this on (anyone? anyone?), but check out this COZI website. I would love to know who developed it - had to be a bunch of busy techie women (or is it tecKie?).
Love it love it - I am going to try it out!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Photo Blast

Besides Disney, we visited family and friends in Utah and Vegas.
Here are a few highlights:

Nieces Julia and Hillary (not sisters, but cousins):

Ryan, Andrea and Lydia with "Bishop T"

Greg and Kate's girls - we got to meet new baby Afton Noel - too sweet.

Take Two

Niece Laura and the BYU Creamery!

A classic cousin photo (plus one boyfriend in the back right, holding a niece's baby girl):

Rich's Sister, Liz and her gorgeous daughters and grandbaby

Bday Breakfast at....
...And Bday cake with the cousins!


Yep - Pretty Much a Happy Place!

My baby turned 17 last Saturday! To celebrate, we capitalized on an already planned trip out west and went to Disneyland! I am sooo grateful that my teenager still loves that stuff! Les got her hair cut off again, and it looks pretty cute - even with the Indiana Jones hat she bought with her birthday money. That is her new best friend. She enjoyed watching the Jedi Training since she is a complete Star Wars geek, but was a little sad that it was only for little kids. Dang little kids! OH well....

She and Dad enjoyed Tower of Terror and that Paradise Pier thing that shoots straight up in the air. Neither are for me. Nooo sir, nope.

We topped off the visit with a birthday dinner at Rainforest Cafe. Dad enjoyed sitting by the gorilla. Scary either way you look at it.

We were amazed at how many friends we made when we all wore our BYU shirts. And, only a couple of enemies. It must have been Mormon Week at our hotel and at the parks. Fascinating - only a few scouls were shot our way - must be people who opposed Proposition 8. In fact, I am sure of it.

Enjoy the collage - click on it to enlarge the photos if you want to.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Get your Staples

I have LOVED stationery products since I was a little girl. I remember my dad coming home with crisp legal-sized yellow ruled pads of paper, cool drafting pencils, and I of course needed to use it all. OR maybe it started when I was 14 and my sister in law, Darlene, and I "invented" scrapbooking (seriously - another time I will post about that - had we done something about it, she'd be a bazillionaire). I crave scrapbook papers and I have a million pieces, and sadly, don't use them often enough.

Today I went in to my local Staples and it is apparent that they have finally noticed that WOMEN do a lot of purchasing at that store. I saw beautiful patterned file folders, brightly colored magnets and clips, and a huge amount of personal stationery papers. I was sooo happy!! I couldn't find much of these online, so you may have to get off the computer and go into the store to be delighted with the new papers and products. What did I buy? Nothing much - but I KNOW where to find it when I NEED it!!

OH, and I am totally going to make one of these. I ordered the calendars today! I ordered 3 - who wants to come over and make one with me? (Look on the side bar of Stacy's blog - I am still famous and have one of my posts still listed there.... woo hoo...).

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Maryland Icing

We got a little icing overnight...I am not a great photographer,
but these are quite pretty, I think....

One of the beauties of the east coast!