Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Follow the Prophet? Really?

This site brings new meaning to the phrase, "Follow the Prophet".  For my non-LDS readers, we believe that our prophet is truly God's prophet on earth, just as in ancient times.  We believe it is important to follow his example and his teachings because he received them directly from our Heavenly Father.

Well, NOW we can follow him on Twitter, Facebook, with an RSS feed, etc.  How ingenious is that?  What a wonderful idea.  I saw this pop up from some page I have on my Facebook page.  I was number 74 or something.  It just started 45 minutes ago.  It will be amazing to watch it grow.

I bet his grandkids are loving this!  What a techy Granddad!

I will follow him.   Will you?

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Monday, November 16, 2009

Sticky Stuff

How cool is this website?


Looks like the sky is the limit with these things.  Dang, why didn't I think of that? 

Who wants one for Christmas??

Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Surprise Box Part II

Some of you will remember this post about a surprise box.  Oh my goodness - I got ANOTHER ONE today!  Out of the blue.   Into greens, reds, yellows, blacks, oranges, glitters, sparkles and embellishments.   I was so shocked and thrilled.

Our friend, Kent, is still the king at GCD Studios. Apprently he still remembers little old me.  What fun this will be!

 Les is in LOVE with this line.  A Perfect Match.

Check out GCD Studios and their blog with lots of ideas about how to use all of their products.
Guess I better get some scrapbookin' done!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Little Thanks

Thanks to sweet Erin who made my new little header.  I love it!  Now I gotta make the rest of the  blog look good enough to match it!

You'll all have to wait....gotta go to bed.


My nephew's wife is an amazing seamstress!  Check her out here at  Modest Maven.  Jodi can sew anything.   I love her apron tutorial, and the Sally Costume is to DDDDIIIEEE for. 

We love you Jodi an wish we could SEE you more!!  This will have to do.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Costumers are Here

Gone are the days of teaching school and decorating my classroom full of goblins, spiders, jack- o- lanterns and eery creatures.  Can public school teachers even whisper the words, "Happy Halloween" anymore?  Craziness - that was back in the 80s when that wasn't such a horrible, evil thing.

Also in the past are days and days of planning and prepping for my kids' costumes. Many times I sewed their costumes - until B was about 11 and L can't remember.  Oh wait - that is because I still SEW them for her!!  We have skipped a year or two, but she loves the homemade ones still - I am grateful for that, even though I procrastinate and then stress out.  Why do moms do that?  You'd think that now that I am FIFTY I would have figured that out.
  Alas, I have not.
This year we did plan ahead since she wanted us to go to the Renaissance Festival.  Here is L in her 17- year -old Fairy Sweet and Innocence:
  And then, on All Hallows Eve, she changed her mind.....hmm......those brainy brain cells got to thinking and planning and thinking and planning.  I said, "OH no - I have already made ONE costume for you this year, you are on your own now!"

And she came up with this:

Clever girl!   She enjoyed sitting on the porch with her dad freaking out young and old.  Goulish Girly fun. And then, her HULK of a bud came over and freaked us out.  Not that he was goulish -
 he was Bill Clinton.

You know, that hulk of a president?  What a riot. Two goofs goofing.  Perfect. 

My heart was full of jack-o-lantern joy.