Sunday, November 9, 2008

Age before... what, I forget....

I have decided this week that I am old. So, on a more lighter note than politics, here are my thoughts.

You know you are old when:

~Your newest hobby is quilting (sorry, Carrie – I know you started WAY before you were my age now)

~Your other newest hobby is Family History

~You have to go buy expensive “Ott-Lites” so that you can see well enough to adequately participate in the aforementioned hobbies

~it is also very important to have numerous “reading” glasses all over the house – to also aid in the participation of the aforementioned hobbies, preferably purchased for $1 each

~those same glasses are needed when you substitute-teach, or teach Gospel Doctrine (said glasses were NOT needed back in the “day” of teaching full-time)

~you have advice for pretty much anyone in any circumstance if they will listen to you, or even if they won’t

~you think, “WHAT is this younger generation thinking about politics – or are they? (OH, wait – dang, I said I wasn’t going to talk about politics – SEE? I am old and I forgot already!)

~your husband has more gray hair than he has brown ones (I may be old, but I am NOT gray yet – thank you, ancestors)

~can’t eat late at night or you can’t sleep

~can’t sleep in anymore, so you might as well get up and have breakfast

~you fear you have become your grandmother because you watch tv in a Lazy Boy and mute the commercials. AAAAAAAHHHH!

~most of your friends have grandkids, so you think up cool names for when you are a grandma – Grammy Dee, Abuelita, just NOT Grandma

~your number of prescription medication bottles is growing

~your nieces already staked their claim on your heirloom jewelry - NOW

~you at first thought Facebook was pretty cool, but now… you aren’t so sure

~you still say “cool”

~you daily wish for do-overs, and think back to all the parenting mistakes you made and fleeting precious moments gone, and want to tell all parents of little ones to ENJOY every second.

~Oh, wait – I did just tell you that. It’s all good then.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Who Knew? Apparently I Didn't

It is surely no secret to those who know me that I am greatly affected by the outcome of the presidential election. I can absolutely say I am pleased that our nation would vote for someone who is not Caucasian – that truly shows major advancements in our country. I can choose to show my sarcastic side and thank all Obama voters for ushering us more rapidly into the TRUE Latter Days. Or, I can choose to be a little more reserved and appropriate, and be thankful that Mr. Obama only achieved 52 % of the overall votes, for it is comforting to know that I am not alone.

I heard today on the news that the Republican Party is the party of “old, white people”. I think that my 20-year-old niece would disagree with that, yet, my other 27-year-old one would second that motion (or is it “Emotion”….not sure). I didn’t so much vote for McCain as I voted against Obama and his principles, beliefs, policies, and background. I guess I am old and I am definitely white (no sun for months!).

Today I have had a myriad of conflicting thoughts. I am baffled by how many young friends and family voted for Mr. Obama. I am in disbelief that countless college students, and probably many older and younger, get their news and political thoughts from the loons on Comedy Central. I am fascinated by how many religious folk would vote for someone who is pro-abortion, pro taxes, and wants to decrease defense spending. I just thought they’d think like I do, and would prefer to have righteous church leaders distribute volunteered donations to those who are in need. But, I digress. I was obviously making assumptions that simply were incorrect.

I naively thought everyone knew what socialism, Marxism and communism are. I thought everyone would be afraid of those things. I forgot that the schools don’t teach that anymore. I forgot that most people didn’t grow up with a father who was tortured, starved, and beaten by Japanese Imperialist (look that up) soldiers for 4 ½ years during a world war, and who never wavered in his patriotism for this great country. I forgot that a lot of parents don’t discuss our Constitution, politics and world history and personal responsibility with their children (I am hoping that we did it often enough). And, I really had no clue that everyone wasn’t aware of what President Ezra Taft Benson was before and during the time he was an LDS apostle and the warnings he sent out.

I just didn’t know. Now I do. Now it is time to educate. Or, way too soon, the opportunity will be passed.