Sunday, March 21, 2010

3 in 1

Today has been quite the day.  Three important events have occured, none of which have anything to do with the other.  Still, all three impact my life and my family's lives in crucial ways.

First, the Health Care bill passed in Congress.   I do not support this bill.  I do not want more government control of my life.  I do not want my future grandchildren to pay for this "great idea".  I do think health care has big issues and needs some fixing, but not like this.  I blog about all of that in another place.  So, keep reading....

Second, I was asked to serve in a new calling in my church.  For my readers of other faiths, women in my church are members of the Relief Society.   It is the oldest and largest women's organization in the world as far as records show.   Our church's members are divided up in congregations based on where people live, called wards.  Those wards are then organized together into what are called stakes - usually 6-9 congregations form a stake.   Well, I was asked to serve as the Relief Society President over our stake - which includes about 1,000 LDS women.  I accepted that request to serve.  I look forward to the many experiences that lie ahead of me and to meeting all the great women who live within these boundaries.  It is a big responsbility, but I have faith that the Lord will bless me and help me to rise to the occasion.

Third, and most importantly, today is L's Day.  My wonderful precious children (who are now of adult age) are adopted.  18 years ago today, my precious daughter joined our family.  We prayed for her for so many years to hurry up and come to us.   She was 8 weeks old when I finally got to hold her and kiss her and sing to her.

All I could see were her gorgeous dark eyes with dark eyebrows and long eyelashes. 

She was beautiful.  She still is.  

She blesses my life every day.  Our family tradition is that we celebrate our children's "Day" with cakes, carefully personalized meal choices, and discussion of the day they "came home".  We had to postpone the celebration for this year because....L is sick.

Fear not - the tradition will continue as long as my "babies" will allow.

(bottom photo by Kellie Nuss Photography)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Blog Slacker

What I've been up to:

~Obviously not blogging.
~Ordering family pictures and L's Senior pictures
~Trying to plan a trip to visit family in AZ
~Watching all the snow melt
~Trying to get my teeny business's paperwork organized for taxes as well as just for me
~Working hard at that business and watching it actually grow a little
~Worrying a lot about our country, feeling paralyzed about it daily
~Eating better and exercising more
~Counting my blessings
~Worrying about my husband working WAY too hard, yet knowing that for now, he has to
~Trying to learn Excel - ugh
~Wanting to paint my TEENY master bath, yet hesitating for countless reasons
~Dreading getting my garden boxes ready - yes, true
~Wishing I did not have a great big above-ground pool/over-sized bathtub in my backyard to deal with all summer when no one swims in it
~Surveying how many plants and bushes are destroyed because of heavy snow
~Wanting to move to a different house, yet no time to really get into that
~Working with college son B to figure out if he will be living here for the summer or living and working elsewhere
~Wondering how to get my 18 year old to WANT to learn drive and to get over the fear of it  - BOTH of  us
~Beginning the Young Women's Personal Progress - as my daughter finishes it (follow this and find out that all LDS women are encouraged to join in)
~Connecting with long lost cousins on Facebook
~Working with Hubby to get our Emergency Preparedness where it needs to be
~Needing a wife (see hard-working husband above)
~Feeling guilty for not doing more Family History work
~Wanting an Iphone but realizing I can't get one until August
~Working on the Family Photo Book for 2009 - wanting more time for that
~Realizing how blessed I am to have wonderful family and so many friends who also are family
~Grateful that daughter L is doing so well
~NOT worrying about L, which feels really, really good
~Wondering if I should be worrying about L, and thinking I might be missing something?
~Juggling two church callings, enjoying them both, but wishing I could dedicate more time to just one

Wow - making a list like that makes me feel better!  You should try it .