Thursday, April 10, 2008

Organizer Chocolate

For all my organized and/or "organizer" friends, I discovered a new benefit to cleaning off your desk area. I have not been able to actually SEE the actual top of my desk for a few weeks due to all the stuff on it. So, I cleaned it tonight (while listening to AI and waiting for "The Office" to come on) . Look what I discovered in my drawer! Ah, delight - a little secret chocolate! Such a fun little surprise to reward my hard work. OH, and guess what I used those little trays for that I bought last week?? Yep - currently holding desk supplies. Who knew??

UPDATE --- OK, well, Erin knew....


  1. Finding chocolate ... that is right up there with finding money in a pocket. Now if only I could find something worth while when I clean the bathrooms....j/k

  2. your blogging is amazing! you inspire me every time I read it!


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