Monday, June 9, 2008

Real Life Tag!

Katie tagged me to take pics of the following with no cleaning, clearing, wiping, changing etc. allowed... Here goes:

1. THE LAUNDRY ROOM - the room I hate the most. It is in the dungeon, or unfinished part of the basement. Ok, so see the pliers on the dryer? Yep - only way to turn it on, until Saturday. It died. Thus the wet blanket laying over the washer. I need a new dryer - the starter has already been replaced several times. So do I buy a new washer and dryer set = the new cool front loaders, or do I just get a new dryer to make due? Decisions decisions. (that is NOT a wine bottle - it is a Sparkling Cider bottle left from my 24th Anniversary posted below).

2. FAVORITE ROOM: I like my living room a lot. It is the most "updated" room and it is almost always clean! Great memories of FHEs, scripture reading and family prayers.

This is the wall behind my long sofa. My "hippie" friend Susan from California shown here is an artist and she helped me put this wall treatment together. It's made up of frames and.... scrapbook papers! Yep - that's it! A colorful and somewhat inexpensive way to decorate a wall (this is for you, Kate S.!!).


L is trying to survive being a teenager, with a few challenges more difficult than most kids.

B is a missionary enjoying a sweltering P day in NC!!

4. FAVORITE SHOES - I love these - they are worn out as you can see, and I would guess that "Stacy and Clinton" would not approve of them as they are not in style any more. I wear them when it doesn't really matter!! SOOOO comfy! (IF you do not know who Stacy and Clinton are, well, it is time to get with the program on TLC).

5. TOILET - ew. Ok, this little dinky bathroom was pretty clean!

6. SINK - I hate to have a messy sink, and I hate it even more when people see it! However, a deal is a deal. I clean on Monday mornings and I read Katie's Tag on Sunday night, so Sunday night was like this:

7. FRIDGE - Hmm... Inside or out? I choose outside - you can see my "communication center" is mostly.... photos of some of you!!

8. SELF PORTRAIT - EW, notice sweat on my forehead - it is a STINKIN' 99 degrees with about 900 percent humidity here today!!! Ah, Maryland....

9. CLOSET - here is a perfect example of my small closets I have complained about: It is mostly organized, just a few Sunday shoes and outfits not put away yet...

10. DREAM VACATION: I want to take a cruise to the Caribbean - back to the old Missionary Stomping Grounds, the Dominican Republic. Maybe for my 25th Anniversary next year (fortunately for me, I don't think they have cruises to South Korea, Richard's old missionary world)??

Let's see.... I'll tag Selena K., Laura Hen. and the sweet Carolina SISTERS!


  1. What a cool post! Good to see your kids too. I must say I LOVE my front loading washer/dryer, but it's quite an expense. How old is your washer? How long do you think it will last? Major decision for a mom hu!

  2. Yer dang cute Deon. I'm so glad you did that. I feel like a got to peek inside your day-to-day life. It was super fun. Thanks for being a good sport! :-)

  3. I love the framed paper wall. I had two pairs of the black slip on shoes...they were very comfy and went with a lot of my church skirts.

  4. Oh, one more thing...maybe replace your dryer with a front loader, then when the washer doesn't work anymore, replace it with a front loading washer. I would love a set of front loaders. They are very energy efficent too. GE and LG make a good set (I learned that while working at the Home Depot), the GE is a tad bit more affordable.

  5. Fun post Deon! Front loaders are wonderful and very efficient as far as energy and water go. I love mine, but they are exepnsive too. Emily had a good point - maybe replace as you go. Loved the framed paper wall. It is even cuter than I pictured it. Great idea.

  6. Thanks, girls - about the dryer, my washer is only a couple of years old and will probably not need replacing for a while. So, if I get a new front load dryer, by the time I NEED a front load washer they won't match and the styles will have changed, right?? A little OCD thinking there, huh? Maybe you all are right .... I shall ponder that.

  7. I was really relieved to see the picture of your sink, because that is what mine looks like whenever no one is looking! I got a giggle out of thinking about taking a cruise to South Korea. The Dominican Republic looks beautiful!

  8. What a fun post...maybe in a few years I could do a tag like this. :)


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