Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Who Knew? Apparently I Didn't

It is surely no secret to those who know me that I am greatly affected by the outcome of the presidential election. I can absolutely say I am pleased that our nation would vote for someone who is not Caucasian – that truly shows major advancements in our country. I can choose to show my sarcastic side and thank all Obama voters for ushering us more rapidly into the TRUE Latter Days. Or, I can choose to be a little more reserved and appropriate, and be thankful that Mr. Obama only achieved 52 % of the overall votes, for it is comforting to know that I am not alone.

I heard today on the news that the Republican Party is the party of “old, white people”. I think that my 20-year-old niece would disagree with that, yet, my other 27-year-old one would second that motion (or is it “Emotion”….not sure). I didn’t so much vote for McCain as I voted against Obama and his principles, beliefs, policies, and background. I guess I am old and I am definitely white (no sun for months!).

Today I have had a myriad of conflicting thoughts. I am baffled by how many young friends and family voted for Mr. Obama. I am in disbelief that countless college students, and probably many older and younger, get their news and political thoughts from the loons on Comedy Central. I am fascinated by how many religious folk would vote for someone who is pro-abortion, pro taxes, and wants to decrease defense spending. I just thought they’d think like I do, and would prefer to have righteous church leaders distribute volunteered donations to those who are in need. But, I digress. I was obviously making assumptions that simply were incorrect.

I naively thought everyone knew what socialism, Marxism and communism are. I thought everyone would be afraid of those things. I forgot that the schools don’t teach that anymore. I forgot that most people didn’t grow up with a father who was tortured, starved, and beaten by Japanese Imperialist (look that up) soldiers for 4 ½ years during a world war, and who never wavered in his patriotism for this great country. I forgot that a lot of parents don’t discuss our Constitution, politics and world history and personal responsibility with their children (I am hoping that we did it often enough). And, I really had no clue that everyone wasn’t aware of what President Ezra Taft Benson was before and during the time he was an LDS apostle and the warnings he sent out.

I just didn’t know. Now I do. Now it is time to educate. Or, way too soon, the opportunity will be passed.


  1. Deon, I agree with everything you say except that the schools don't teach about socialism and Marxism. They do teach it.....but they teach that it is greater, nobler, more tolerant and more enlightened than democracy. I get so frustrated at not only the members of media and Hollywood that push for socialism, but also for the growing number of members of the church who also tout its greatness. In addition to all the warnings of the church leaders (like the ones you provided) for decades about this, I have my additional issues with socialism. In an attempt to make everyone "equal", they desire to eliminate all religion and the notion of sin. If people are sinning often, they will be unequal with those who do not sin as much, therefore socialism desires to remove any idea of moral values in a society. In their quest for "equality" they also provide money and sustenance for all, regardless of effort or work. As a result, the natural man takes over and people are less inclined to progress or improve their situation. These are vital characteristics we need to develop as part of our eternal progression. Its too bad that as a nation many, many people are being lulled into complacency and ignorance by the adversary. He is gaining tremendous ground today, but fortunately for those of us that have faith and hope, we know which side will win, no matter how bad things get.

  2. Ahh, great points, Cody! I absolutely agree and like the way you expressed it. It is obvious you watch WAY more than Comedy Central and for that I am grateful. I appreciate your insight and thoughts.

  3. Since the election, Kent has been soothing his spirit by listening to Reagan's speeches. "A Time for Choosing" known as "The Speech" he found on Google videos, and several radio addresses he found on Playlist.

  4. I enjoy your passionate postings. I go 'yea...yea...YEA!' You just say it better than I ever could. It's a scary time, but I just keep repeating to myself that God is in charge. He knows what is happening. He warned about all of this. Am I listening and heading his counsels? And then I go quilt :o)

  5. You never know Deon maybe he will realize, hopefully quickly, that he has to move to the center if he wants to stay in office. Here's hoping for the best!

    To me the irony of this win is that Prop 8 in California was helped so much by all those African-American voters who turned out for Obama.

  6. Yes, Carrie - I should probably keep my mouth shut and just go quilt, too!
    Good point, Erin. I will hope for that as well.

  7. Well said! I too was shocked at how many of my friends voted for a marxist. I devoured Pres. Benson's talks and Glenn Beck's articles. I usually try to avoid politics, but Denzil had the hardest time understanding why so many people supported this man... Did they even comprehend where he stood on the issues? Signs of the times I guess. Ask Denzil how many guns and ammo he bought on election day ;)


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