Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Get your Staples

I have LOVED stationery products since I was a little girl. I remember my dad coming home with crisp legal-sized yellow ruled pads of paper, cool drafting pencils, and I of course needed to use it all. OR maybe it started when I was 14 and my sister in law, Darlene, and I "invented" scrapbooking (seriously - another time I will post about that - had we done something about it, she'd be a bazillionaire). I crave scrapbook papers and I have a million pieces, and sadly, don't use them often enough.

Today I went in to my local Staples and it is apparent that they have finally noticed that WOMEN do a lot of purchasing at that store. I saw beautiful patterned file folders, brightly colored magnets and clips, and a huge amount of personal stationery papers. I was sooo happy!! I couldn't find much of these online, so you may have to get off the computer and go into the store to be delighted with the new papers and products. What did I buy? Nothing much - but I KNOW where to find it when I NEED it!!

OH, and I am totally going to make one of these. I ordered the calendars today! I ordered 3 - who wants to come over and make one with me? (Look on the side bar of Stacy's blog - I am still famous and have one of my posts still listed there.... woo hoo...).

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