Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pioneer Day Eve Update

Well, here is what happened with the Pioneer clothing. My good friend Diane loaned us this outfit: (WARNING - Pioneer outfit model should be treated as a hostile witness, your Honor).

Thank you, Diane!! The white blouse was one of the Goodwill Finds.

Below is the outfit I DID create. The hostile model chose yellow fabric in a non-hostile moment:

It all looks better in person. I also made pretty cool bloomers out of jammie bottoms. One pair looked like this - you know, for patriotic purposes:

The other pair I made had big yelllow chickies. LOVE them. Forgot to photograph them. Gotta be a little unconventional, you know?

Happy Pioneer Day - a little early.

(Ok, she wasn't really "hostile", she just wasn't too happy about wearing pioneer clothes for 4 days. Can't blame her for that.)


  1. I notice how the skirt is tightest at the smallest part of her waist, and then "floats away from the body"---Stacy and Clinton would be so proud!!!

  2. Looks good!! I'll be lost when we have to send our kids to trek, whenever that may be. I barely know how to sew buttons!

  3. Those pictures are cracking my up. The clothes look great, and Les will really appreciate them while on trek. Will you make me some pioneer outfits?

  4. Diane - yes, Stacy and Clinton's words are always on my mind. Ha! Lindsay and Emily, I adore you both and will make you pioneer clothes any time.

  5. I hope Leslie had a good time at trek. The outfits look great!!


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