Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Good Times in Novice Gardening #7

It was CHRISTMAS in the GARDEN today! I obviously had delayed giving it some attention, and around every leaf I found hidden jewels.

Dang - not I gotta DO something with all this stuff!

It looks pretty sad and picked over now, even though there are numerous tomatoes and other things yet to ripen. I picked a weird zucchini - I thought it was a yellow squash, but found out too late that it was a HUGE yellow zucchini I think.... never got green, or maybe it still will? You experienced gardeners can weigh in on that one.

We really messed up with the trellis situation. Gotta fix that for next year. It has been a good year to learn!! I wish I had more flat land so I could have more boxes. Gotta ponder on that.

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