Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Something about September

I love September.  Fall is my favorite – too bad it is not my body’s favorite.  In the last few years the seasonal changes are toxic to me.  I can’t breathe well, therefore, I can’t really enjoy much of anything inside or outside.  At least I can see the Fall colors through the windows when they start to change.

The last three Septembers have not been the best for me.  Three years ago, my son left for college – that was SOO tough, and I was soo sick (almost hospitalized, not just sick in the head)!  Two years ago, having a missionary away was still new and difficult.  One year ago, Les was far away before it was her time to be far away. 

Okay, so now I am wondering why I still say that Fall is my Favorite!!

This one is different.  While my son is off to college after a brief stay at home after the mission, I am okay with him being where he is. It is his time.  His whole life is before him.  What a wonderful thing!  No one in our family is far away from home before his/her time. Things are good – if my asthmatic lungs will let me catch a breath, before it all changes, then that will be great.

Beyond that, I am trying to figure out:

~Who is there to hire to help with a good bit of water damage in the basement, which I just recently discovered.  Mold, mildew, smell.  Good times. I am not sure how that snuck by me unnoticed, and frankly, it is embarrassing.  And, it is certainly not helping my asthmatic airways.

~How do I parent a R.M. college son?  I have no idea. 

~I love technology – I bought the new Outlook 2007 so I could sync calendars with family, with myself on my Blackberry (NEVER ever thought I would have one of those, and I am not sure I love it yet – and what I really want is an Iphone…ha).  It is time-consuming to learn and today it keeps CRASHING on me.   I am thinking a paper calendar is much simpler.   Why can I not choose simple??

~There is so much work to be done to this 16-year-old home.  I don’t know where to start.  Hubby works too many long hours to be much help.  I am cheap and don’t want to spend money on it.  We should have done more sooner – thus the water damage.  That feels pretty stupid, too. 

~I am thinking of ending this blog.  My purposes in starting it have changed.  I have my new one, but not too many are reading  it yet…..WHAT?  No one wants to read about political thoughts and news stories?  Tsk Tsk.  Can’t sit around and watch it go on anymore. 

~And, what do I now do with Brian’s missionary blog?  I have already been downloading it for a Blurb Book.  Do I just make it private now or delete it?

I’d love ideas on any of the above.  I have now exposed myself to my insecurities, obsessions, and lack of motivation.  Don’t sue me.  I’m too cheap to pay for it.


  1. I love fall too and sometimes wonder why...since many of my least favorite life moments have happened in it.

    I think you should do what you feel is best. It's okay to outgrow something but I do love both of your blogs. I finally started posting on this and that again but not sure if I am really into it.

    Jim's mom would probably have tons of answers on how to parent a college returned missionary...she sent six on missions and to college. She is a wonderful source of knowledge on all things parenting.

  2. Let me know how the Blurb thing goes! I've been thinking about it. I've heard good reviews and it's nice to have something tangible. Also considering a Blackberry when I get a new phone next year. Sorry - not much advice!

  3. Oh and I do read your other blog! So glad you aren't afraid to share your opinions!

  4. For what it's worth, I read. I'm just usually multi-tasking and stepping all over children. :)

  5. It's been a while since I was able to catch up on all of the blogs I follow. I love you latest posts. Don't stop now :o)

    I hear what you are saying about parenting an RM!

    You're doing grrrrrreeeaaaat!


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