Thursday, March 11, 2010

Blog Slacker

What I've been up to:

~Obviously not blogging.
~Ordering family pictures and L's Senior pictures
~Trying to plan a trip to visit family in AZ
~Watching all the snow melt
~Trying to get my teeny business's paperwork organized for taxes as well as just for me
~Working hard at that business and watching it actually grow a little
~Worrying a lot about our country, feeling paralyzed about it daily
~Eating better and exercising more
~Counting my blessings
~Worrying about my husband working WAY too hard, yet knowing that for now, he has to
~Trying to learn Excel - ugh
~Wanting to paint my TEENY master bath, yet hesitating for countless reasons
~Dreading getting my garden boxes ready - yes, true
~Wishing I did not have a great big above-ground pool/over-sized bathtub in my backyard to deal with all summer when no one swims in it
~Surveying how many plants and bushes are destroyed because of heavy snow
~Wanting to move to a different house, yet no time to really get into that
~Working with college son B to figure out if he will be living here for the summer or living and working elsewhere
~Wondering how to get my 18 year old to WANT to learn drive and to get over the fear of it  - BOTH of  us
~Beginning the Young Women's Personal Progress - as my daughter finishes it (follow this and find out that all LDS women are encouraged to join in)
~Connecting with long lost cousins on Facebook
~Working with Hubby to get our Emergency Preparedness where it needs to be
~Needing a wife (see hard-working husband above)
~Feeling guilty for not doing more Family History work
~Wanting an Iphone but realizing I can't get one until August
~Working on the Family Photo Book for 2009 - wanting more time for that
~Realizing how blessed I am to have wonderful family and so many friends who also are family
~Grateful that daughter L is doing so well
~NOT worrying about L, which feels really, really good
~Wondering if I should be worrying about L, and thinking I might be missing something?
~Juggling two church callings, enjoying them both, but wishing I could dedicate more time to just one

Wow - making a list like that makes me feel better!  You should try it .


  1. Plenty of great reasons to not be blogging!!!

  2. Busy, busy...looks like you are engaged in a lot of uplifting and wonderful things.

  3. Wow, I think I need a nap after just reading about all that!


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