Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Mom Adventure

Whew - I haven't posted in forever.  Does anyone still read this?  I think Facebook has ruined blogging.  Just sayin'...

I am off on an 11 day trip - by myself.  I haven't done that in forever, and certainly not for that many days.  I am going to BYU Women's Conference with two HIGH SCHOOL FRIENDS!  Yes, seriously.  I knew Miki and Debbie in high school, and we later became BYU roommates.  Debbie and I both served missions at the same time.  We have stayed connected, but haven't truly spent time together in a million years.  I refuse to count how many years because that would prove how old I am.  And then Emily will scold me, so I won't go there. 

I used to make fun of my mother for going out with her "old friends".  I never "got" it.  I get it now.

I am then driving to Y-daho to visit my son in Rexburg.  He has a new girlfriend.... the timing works out great.  I will get to meet her.  He isn't coming home for the summer, so this will be a needed visit to see my boy while he is still MY boy.  Those days are numbered.

And, then, I am flying to Arizona to see my family.   I can't wait.  A new little one will be born soon  - my niece's first baby.  I am so excited.  And, I'll get to see the new baby of another niece.  Can't wait for that as well.   I may see a few more OLD friends and OLD cousins while I"m there.  WOOT!

I'm leaving Les and Rich home.  Alone.  Together.  I hope they both survive.  Actually, everyone is in a "good place" right now, and I am certain they will do well.  It is a parent pay-off moment when you can leave your college-aged daughter at home and know she will be an asset to our home and to her father.  And, hopefully they will have some FUN, too! 

So, if I can get my act together, I will take good photos and blog about my adventures.  I need this trip.   I am ready to FLY!

Guess I'll have to wait until tomorrow morning, though......


  1. Facebook's okay but it never gives you the details that you might get from a blog. just sayin...

  2. I hope you have a wonderful trip! I agree with Erin.

  3. Enjoy some much deserved R & R! Sounds wonderful!

  4. Do post an update and pictures!


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