Friday, August 5, 2011

It's B - L- O-G-S-P-O-T, again, it's B-L-O-G-S-P-O-T

I woke up at 6 this morning to address more wedding invitations.  While in the process,  I decided to summarize the comedy of errors that we will call the "invitation frustration".  Those of you who have been involved in weddings recently will understand, and maybe for others who long ago were involved in one may have such deep-seated and troubled memories that you will still relate.  Or, perhaps you are very organized and had months to prepare for a wedding, so this may just all seem silly to you.  Fine - feel free to laugh at my insanity.

1.  The bride's mother was so very kind as to rush the order of invitations to me.  I am grateful for that - that is certainly not the frustrating part.

2.  I decided to print our return address on the back of the envelopes from our printer.  Except, I didn't know HOW to do that, and after trying for 3 hours, Hubby came home and did it in 5 minutes.  I hate that.  And yet, I am grateful.

3.Before I started printing it, I couldn't decide whose address to put on the back - what's the protocol?  Is it the bride's?  Is it ours since we're hosting an open house?  But we're inviting a lot of people to the reception in Utah?  What do I do?  If I get a lot of presents here for the kids then I'll have to pay to mail them all out to them wherever they end up (which is another story all in itself, but that is not mine to tell....).  ACK - I ended up putting ours.

4.  Hubby, in his exhaustion from working too many hours, printed about 50 envelopes upside down.... yep.  And, I have messed up more than a few as I've addressed things incorrectly.  I can't find more envelopes for purchase. 

5.  Speaking of addressing envelopes, I decided to do it the hard way - I"m handwriting them all.  My handwriting has a lot to be desired.  Not to offend anyone, but I didn't want to do labels and I figured it would take me just as long to use the printer to input ALL the addresses and then print each one off of some mail merge thing that I don't know how to use.

6.  And, the reason I have to do them all myself is that I have the lists of who gets them on a spreadsheet on my computer.  I of course don't have all the addresses in my Outlook - that would make SENSE.  I am using apps on my phone for church people addresses, and using white pages to find people, and emailing friends on Facebook for their addresses.  Therefore, because of my lack of organization, I am the only one who can sit in front of my computer and write and write and write.  Fabulous.

7.  I forgot to mark down the first 50 or so as "sent" on my spreadsheet, so I keep second-guessing who I sent those to.  I should give a prize to anyone who admits to me that they get two.

8.  I messed up the little paper that has the kids' rsvp information which originally was a "blogspot" addresss.  Yes, BlogSPOT.  I spelled it blogPOST.  I have developed or helped to develop about 10 blogs.  Apparently I have also now developed dyslexia.  The bride sent her invitations out with the address to a site all-together different than the blog that was created, but it was too late for me to do anything about that....

So those of you receiving that little paper, it is BLOGSPOT.  And I have been correcting it with a pen since it was pointed out to me - which of course is probably tacky.  I have to let it go.

9.  How do you address a Bishop's or stake president's family's invitation?  Bishop and Sister?  Bishop and Mrs?  President and Mrs?  President and Sister?  I have no idea.  I didn't buy a book for LDS weddings.  I can't find it online.  So, you bishop wives - just forgive me and let it go if it was wrong. 

10.  My house is a complete disaster.  I haven't had time to really clean it.  Today that is Les's job.

11.  Life cannot be at a standstill while I address envelopes.  I still have my job, my church responsibilities, countless other things that need my attention, and I need to help Les with her issues on a daily basis. 

The bride's mom is equally as harried, if not MORE - she has 6 children still at home who need her attention and is getting ready to go on a long-ago planned trip.  Bless her heart!!  She and I have become friends through texts and Facebook and emails. She is holding up with a great attitude - a good example to me. 

I literally feel like my mind is aging.  I don't like that - I am forgetting so many things.  I can't multi-task in my mind very well anymore. I am forgetting too many things - like paying bills.  I wonder if I will find my brain after this is all over.  I think that is doubtful.  I need some brain vitamins.  Isn't that like Garlique or Ginkobaloba or Fish Oil or something? 

I think that about covers it.  I'm realizing that you dream and think about when your children get married, and hope for things to go smoothly and wonderfully.  I can be a perfectionist, and wanted these envelopes and little cards to be beautiful and wonderful with their rsvp information, etc.  I didn't have time to make mine that way....the engagement is for only about 10 or 11 weeks.  I am certain that friends and family will someday forget about my mistakes.  I sure hope so!  I am sure in the end it will be lovely and a wonderful day for them, and what matters most is that they are being sealed in a temple in which we believe confirms that their marriage will be for eternity. 

I will now stop whining and go "call the Waahhhmmmbulance", to quote one of my favorite movies, "The Kid". 

I'll have to wait a little while for the calm.....


  1. GAH! That is a lot of frustration! I'm so sorry; I went through much of the same with my own invitations nearly a decade ago (your son is so lucky to have YOU doing this!)-- by the way, congratulations! And thanks for the laughs. :)

  2. Wonderfully written, Deon! I had to giggle. I think "the enemy" is trying hard to dissuade B and B from marrying in the temple. So typical so, so fruitless.

    I hope today is productive!


  3. Fun times! I was so excited to receive the invitation in the mail yesterday. What a darling couple. I am so happy and excited for all involved. We look forward to seeing you on the 10th!!!! Hang in there.

  4. Would you like some french cries with your waaaamburger? We quote that movie all the time! Congratulations! All will be well, my friend. Take a breath and if you can't someone will for you. Peace.

  5. I hope I get two, so the prize thing works for me. Maybe one with Bishop and Sister Nuss and maybe one with just Eric and Kellie Nuss.
    I love you friend. It's going to be gorgeous from beginning to end.

  6. Ah . . . bless your heart! We should talk soon. I feel your pain. I think you need to call a secretary just to help you plan this thing. Maybe just to help with invitations!


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