Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Babble about Baby Quilts - for the great-nephew

Within the past year, I had 1 great-nephew and 2 great-nieces join our family, sent straight from Heaven!  Oh, how I wish I lived near them!  Since I don't, I had to make some "hugs" for them.  Here is the first one I made, which was for baby Ridge and delivered last May (Here's his momma's blog) :

I chose a coin stack pattern for an "I Spy" type quilt.  I found the pattern at Moda Bake Shop. It is very busy and very boyish.  I forgot to get some good photos before I delivered it (ok, well, that's because I was still stitching the binding up until a day or so before I presented it.  I was on a long vacation and took it along with me to finish!).  The photos here don't show how bright it really is.

Being a new quilter (this was my third), I forgot the importance of making the quilt back a very simple one.  Well, this one was REALLY cool.... but became a little lopsided when it was put on the long-arm, which was my fault.  Another lesson learned the hard way.  I LOVE the black background fabric - it's my favorite one.

All wrapped up together!
Big brother stole it!  I guess I need to make him one, too!
 I wish I had been a quilter when each of my little great-nieces and great-nephews were born.  I have several  that I have sent little things to, but I would love to make them a fun scrappy quilt, too.  I just might do that.

They'll just have to WAIT a little while.....

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