Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Back to School

Back to School for Who?

Or is it “whom” (I obviously need school!!) … Well, anyway, it is ME – I am back in Grad School. I have not taken a Graduate course since 1998. I am now enrolled at University of Phoenix taking courses online to work towards renewing my Teacher Certification. I am a bit overwhelmed, but I am sure I will survive.

So, how is “going to school” different from when I was an undergrad at BYU?

~COMPUTERS! Oh my gosh – what nightmares I still have of retyping papers on those good ol’ typewriters (google it, kids – they really did exist). So much “White-out”!!

~SEMESTER LENGTH – Shorter than BYU Summer term – 3 credits in 3 weeks! Now, that is quick!

~GOING TO CLASS – I “go” to class by logging in online at least two times a week. Hopefully I won't have bad dreams about "forgetting" to go to class, like I still have about my BYU days.

~TEXTBOOK – my textbook is on Adobe Reader! Oh my gosh – How do I highlight the good stuff? Haven’t figured that out yet….

~CLASS PARTICIPATION – I “participate” by chatting with class members in the Chat Room, and by commenting at least 4 times a week on discussion questions. What a concept!!

~DATING – ok, no dating now – I already have the man.

~ROOMMATES – this sweet feline is mine - Charlotte obviously needed a little attention today, just like some of my former roommates!
Such distractions – just like the old days!

I am sure there are many other ways that things are different than in 1980-something. If I think of more, I’ll let you know.


  1. Wahoo for School! You forgot the procrastination part, then again I think that was a problem I had, and one you wouldn't be privy to. Good luck with all your papers!

  2. Congrats on going back. That's quite the feat to undertake! Goodluck!

  3. WOW - I'm so impressed. You are so brave! That is super cool. What and who are you going to teach? I really like the comparison of your BYU days to your new University of Phoenix days. You are funny.

  4. OH, procrastination is still part of the game as it was back "in the day". Thus I am not employable because I put off taking the courses to keep my certification (the reasons were important at the time, you know - like raising children!)

    I don't know where I will teach yet - with the expired certification public schools won't touch me. I am still researching private schools - for now, I will be a sub as often as possible and hope to be hired by a principal that likes me!

  5. Way to go on heading back to school--you're a braver woman than I!

    I remember those typewriter days all too well, but it's the writing papers part that sounds the hardest--typewriter or computer.

  6. We were just back-to-school shopping yesterday. Maggie picked up a bottle of White-Out and asked me, "Mom, what would you use this on?"
    Good for you, going back to school!

  7. Yeah, that is exciting. Loved the trip down memory lane. I hope it is a good experience. At least you can do it at your pace from the comfort of your own home.

  8. Thanks for your comment, it looks as if we are on the same page for pies! I LOVE IT! I had a few tears and breaks too, but the end result was yummy... so that was the point, right?!

    Are you LDS too??

  9. Good luck! It's great you can do it all online.

  10. That is awesome Deon! Such a great thing to do, I know you won't regret it. My mom went back to school when my sister and I were in highschool, it was really hard for her but she is SO glad she did it!

  11. Hurray! What a courageous woman! Did you know that my Dad works for the University of Phoenix? You'll have to keep an eye out for his classes . . . I think they're mostly Math and Computer Sciences. His name is Cory Bennett. I hear he's a great teacher (actually I had him for 4 years of high school math, two years of german, and as a director for a couple of musical productions, I still like him). Anyways, good luck starting the school year!


  12. Amy, I did not know that! I'll keep my eye out for him, but I don't think I will be taking Math or Computer Science - although since I still can't do much beyond 2nd grade math, I sure oughta!!


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