Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Journey

They began
And rejoiced—
Buried tiny bodies in shallow graves,
Wept, and began again.

They entered the valley
With joy—
Beat crickets off their vanishing crops,
Starved, wept, and began again.

They built their homes
With gladness—
Prepared them for burning against an approaching army,
Wept, and began again.

They endured to the end.
They set the example.
Fighting our own crickets and armies,
We weep, remember, begin again—

And rejoice.

~Lisa South, “The Journey,” Ensign, Jul 2008, 27

I consider myself very blessed to have many Pioneer ancestors. While this is a bit past the official "Pioneer Day", I honor the example of those before me who have endured toilsome and acute challenges as I endure those that come in my life's journey.

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