Monday, October 6, 2008

Almost a Present for Myself

So, I actually took the photos for the Present for Myself (did you do it yet, Lara and Aileen?). I dutifully uploaded them to Shutterfly to be picked up at my nearest Target. However, even though I got the confirmation email that they were processed, when I drove TWENTY minutes to the store late Saturday evening, ALAS - they never got the order. I was not happy. So, I will call them tomorrow and deal with it. I did receive a fascinating email from a customer service lady in some other country who used very interesting English phrases to comfort me, such as,

"For Target orders you are charged for the products only at store pick up. You can go ahead and process a fresh order to the same store or to another store in the locality. If your original order did arrive belatedly, the store will have it on hold for a few days and then dispose it carefully".

Ahh, I love America.

So, here are a few of the things in my current life!!

Here are my Fall decorations......

Missing my missionary....

Missing my 16 year old....

Learning to make a quilt for said 16 year old....(that is a post for another day... I had to tear out most of what I had done....sigh)

Beautiful rose blossoms from the 16 year old's rose October!

One of my new best BIG cutting and measuring mat! I have left it on my dining room table for a while since we don't use that room much. OH my gosh - it makes everything so much easier with sewing and cutting (hmmmm...... had I used it properly, perhaps I wouldn't be re-doing so much on my FIRST quilt!!)

Another new best friend ---this cleanser is wonderful ( I do not have a bar...).

NOT such a best friend, but I am using this every day now!! Woo hoo! Watch out all you marathon runners! Ha.
My latest food storage purchases --- obsessing over the economy, buying more food storage. I love Aldi's.

My kitty getting in the way of my photo of my XM radio. I listen to it a LOT (the radio, not the cat). Or, I did - I have given up talk radio for a while. I was getting too obsessed and disheartened over everything going on...

Ok, but still obsessing over the elections stuff.

NOT depressed over this.... I love my amazing hubby and my beautiful Japanese Maple tree!


  1. I too can only handle so much talk radio. So it definitely goes in phases for me. Where did you find bar keepers friend? I looked for it for forever and never could find any. I heard it is a most have cleaning product.

  2. I think I found the cleanser at Target - but it took me a long time to find it as well.

  3. You are so cute! I love the picture of you and Brother Tait! No, I haven't started mine but I have been logging mental notes of what pictures I am going to use.

  4. i didn't know you had a blog! how fun. we miss you! i love bar keepers friend, it works so good!


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