Friday, October 24, 2008

More or Les?

Leslie was recently in a performance of "Rock and Roll Through the Decades" with her chorus. They sang, danced, narrated, and entertained. She did a FAB job. She also received an award for "Educational Leadership". Way to go, Les!

Notice the three girls in pink. They did a WONDERFUL rendition of "STOP in the Name of Love", by the Supremes. I thought I was filming it on my camera....but alas, it did not record the song!! So, here is a photo at least of the three of them, but in a different song....


Yea, this is the decade of the 2000's with rapping and doing the Cha Cha Slide. Word.

IN her Han Solo Halloween costume in the costume parade/horse show.

Father/Daughter bonding at the Cougar Legends Museum.

Mother/Daughter bonding in a pottery place - a lovely plate for the kitchen.


  1. Thanks for sharing these pics! It looks like she is doing well!

  2. Wow! She's beautiful and talented!

  3. Wow, she looks so beautiful in her pink dress! I am glad you got in bonding time, pottery would be my pick! Also, love your new do.

  4. I love the pictures of Leslie. She is as cute as ever! I agree that she looks very happy and it's fun to see her so active. Congrats to her for her award :o) Way to go Leslie.

    PS - Loved her costume!

  5. Cute pics of Leslie. Thank you for sharing them. I think of her often. She looks like she's getting lots of opportunities! That's great!


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