Monday, March 2, 2009

Random Cuteness

Tonight I shall blog about a few things that make me smile. First, I have been sewing fun little baby gifts for some friends and family. Minky, satin, and cotton all in one. I call these “Raggees” – when Les was little, she forEVER carried around a cloth diaper in addition to her blankie. So the name stuck and now has a new purpose. I want to learn how to embroider that name on them with my cool sewing machine, but alas, I have not learned how to do that yet. My queen-of-sewing friend, Carrie, calls these Lovies….. Cute.

Here is my silly kitty, Georgie, on my ironing board... yea, so I should pretty much remember to get the cat hair OFF before I iron things. Silly me.

I love love LOVE to hear my daughter sing. She loves to rock out in her room. I love her lack of inhibition when it comes to singing - we should all be so lucky and so confident. Pure joy abounds when she sings - I love it. CUTEness all around. Thank heavens, she prefers OLDIES - like the ones I rocked out to oh so long ago. Love it love it love it. And, thank heavens, she can sing well!


  1. I love this cuteness post...beware, I might have to post about things I love and think are cute too. You make me smile!

  2. I love the pictures of Leslie. I want to see your Raggies when you get done!


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