Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Surprise Box

Have you ever gotten a box delivered to your house that came as a complete surprise? I can't say that I have (or that I remember...!) until a couple of days ago when this arrived:

I pondered, "What did I order?" What did Richard order?" , and "OOH, it's heavy!". I opened it to find this letter and kept reading until I figured out
who had sent it!

And then.... I looked inside..... and found PILES of scrapbooking supplies! Holy cow - I may never need to buy paper again! There are many pads of matching papers, die cut chip board, rub-ons, glitter letters of all colors, and cool puffy stickers! You wonder, did I win a contest?? Nope!

Kent is the KING of GCD Studios - a very successful international businessman I am guessing! He sent this to me just for fun! He and his wife, Juliett, were newlyweds when we lived in South Korea in the early 90s. They were there to survive and to have adventures. We had them over a lot for weekends, for meals, and to play with our wild children. They even babysat for us. They blessed our lives already in so many ways. We haven't seen them for many, many years but exchange Christmas cards every year and have hopes of getting together one of these days. And now, this fun box blessed us again!
Thanks, Kent!
Now I better go and make some stuff, huh?

So, girls, check their products out and support this great company!!

~~a thank you also for all the loving comments, emails, and thoughts coming our way after posting about Les. We appreciate it so very much.

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  1. Okay, since you have some pull....There isn't enough boy looking scrapbook paper out there with embellishments.....I checked them out. Cute stuff but I need stuff for a growing boy.


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