Saturday, January 2, 2010

Future Visits of the Mom

B leaves today to go back to college.  I have loved his visit more than I can express.

However, it has caused the following ponderings.

When my kids grow up and move out permanently, I am going to visit their homes and will do the following:

unplug cords and lamps so I can charge my computer and my phone and my ipod.

break their toilets so they won't flush.

be sure to plant a money tree in their back yard.

fix meals and leave all my stuff out.

rearrange the furniture to suit my needs and comforts.

take their car to get my stuff done.

sleep in a different room every night so I can surprise them in the morning.

use my bed as a "desk" so I HAVE to sleep in a different room every night.

use their library cards to check out 8 million movies, cds, etc.

go to the grocery store with them so they can buy me tons of great stuff - and I will kindly leave them all that I cannot finish.

leave lots of my collectibles and ask them to store them for me for about....forever.

tease each family member individually to the point that everyone is kept guessing.

skype into the wee hours of the morning, laughing uproariously.

give each family member lots of love and attention, and won't visit friends because I will really just want to enjoy precious family time.

When my kids grow up and move out permanently, I will miss them every minute of every day.


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