Friday, January 15, 2010

Photo Guilt Relief

As I've mentioned, January is a bittersweet month for me.  This week I have tried to actually utilize those lists I make - I did pretty well.  Letting go of guilt over what I don't get done, and trying to feel positive about what I DO accomplish is my never-ending issue.

To help with that, I am trying to deal with all of the scrapbooking/keepsake organizing that I don't do.  DO NOT ask me how much of my own children's scrapbookng is done.  I won't answer you.  The last post I  made here shows that I am trying to work that out in a way that is positive and organized, and will still bring them joy into their adult years. 

I did really well last year taking a lot of photos.  I know I won't scrapbook that many of them.  I decided to use my Shutterfly membership and will make a photobook for last year.  Today I uploaded all of my 2009 photos to the website.  I will be ready to make that book any time now!  I hope to continue the tradition each year to come.

Awesome.  You'll have to WAIT to see it, though....


  1. I don't know how anyone stays on top of scrapbooking. I decided for our years in Maryland to do shutterfly books. I'm in the background stage now of our 3rd year, obviously I still have awhile to go, espcially since I'm not even caught up to moving to MD. Oh well, good luck with yours and remember to never actually buy the book until you get promo codes for free shipping and at least 20% off your book. The coupons will come if you wait for them.

  2. Good luck with the photo book. I've found that they're a lot of work too.

    PS I used scotch tape for the Christmas cards.


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