Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Festival Fun

Are you a Festival-goer?  We normally aren't, other than the occasional Renaissance Festival or Fall Festival at church.  However, this past Saturday we had planned to do SOMETHING with the three of us together.  It was a gorgeous east coast day.  We chose to go to the National Apple Harvest Festival near Gettysburg,  PA.  It was a fun day for the most part.

But I am wondering why we go to festivals?  First of all, we paid $9 per person to get in - to get in to do exactly what?

To give us the privilege to stand by apple photo spots:

Or to look at crafts, and spend money on them:

Or to buy a metal mug for $12 that gives you unlimited soda - all day long.  Of course, it's only located in one spot, so getting there is a challenge to refill.  It was tasty though.

Or, to have a photo taken that reminds you of the photos taken 40 years ago of your own mother, photos which you used to laugh at because she always had her purse down to her side, and always had her big sunglasses, and almost always, a button-down blouse. 

Scary......., oh so scary...........

So, we paid that $27 and we walked around in the hot sun all day, ate fried food, drank soda, saw a lot of crafts and heard a little BlueGrass, maneuvered crowds, had some apple crisp, bought a craft kit, and hung out together. 

Shoulda gone to the CornFusion Corn Maze.  Maybe next year.....


  1. But it was good for some memories so it was all worth it...right? :)

    By the way, you guys look great!

  2. We are festival go-ers, but we only go to the free ones.


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