Tuesday, November 16, 2010

VayCay in Paradise Part 1

So, Hubby had to go to Hawaii on business recently.  Poor man.  I decided to go WITH him!  All I had to buy was my plane ticket and have some cash for shopping.  WOOT!   We had a most wonderful time.  We count this as our 25th Wedding anniversary trip, even though we are approaching our 27th year.   Here are  a few highlights....

My kitty, Charlotte, wanting to go with us.
Richie, next to the gorgeous sky right after our arrival.
We stayed at a lovely resort, right on the beach, surrounded by beautiful things to see
all over the property.

And here are some of the sites on my morning walks:

No, I didn't walk barefoot the WHOLE way....

We spent a day going to the 'Iolani Palace and driving around the island over to the North Shore for some "shave ice" and the freshest shrimp ever - right next to a shrimp farm!  DEElish.

Gotta protect the restored floors, you know.
According to our Hawaiian friends, the Keikis, this is the BEST Shave Ice place on the island.  There were definitely a lot of tourists there, so it must be true!

We talked to locals at the palace who told us about Fumi's Shrimp - ahhhh, so very wonderful.
This little kitty thought it was wonderful, too.

We also enjoyed a nice Luau.  Gotta say, it wasn't as good as the one at the
Polynesian Cultural Center that we attended a few years ago, but it was nice.

The band
Come to the LUAU!
Some really amazing dancers!


Apparently our assigned dinner companions were too drunk to get a good photo of us - this was 
the best one....


  1. Welcome home! It looks like you had a wonderful and relaxing vacation. We are hoping to go to Hawaii in 1212. Cory has a conference that he can go to. May as well let the business pay for the trip.

  2. How fun! It looks like you had a great time. I've had the shaved ice and the fresh shrimp ... TO DIE FOR! And yes, it is the best! Glad someone told you!


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