Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Temple Apostrophe

Richard and I went on a short “getaway” last weekend and stayed overnight in Bethesda and then attended the Washington, D.C. temple on President’s Day. It was nice to be together and to partake of the spirit there waiting for us. We got engaged on President’s Day in……1980 something ( ha ha) and so it was particularly sweet to be with my Sweetie there.

A few weeks ago, our high council visitor gave a wonderful talk in Sacrament Meeting about Temple Attendance. One statement he made that particularly touched me was that we should EXPECT a blessing when we go to the temple, and EXPECT to learn. I decided to put that to the test.

I was blessed with an “apostrophe” that day (in our family, we use the word “apostrophe” instead of “epiphany”, thanks to one of our favorite movies, “Hook”, so watch it and you will know why….). There is a statement made therein when made me realize that we are to go “THROUGH” sorrow to make it to the positive understandings in our lives: not SIT in Sorrow, not WALLOW in sorrow, nor will we STAY in sorrow forever. We need to get ourselves THROUGH it. There will be an end to that sorrow. We have to choose it to be so, but there IS an end to it.

I was grateful for that realization. It is a blessing in my life right now. One of the examples of the Lord’s Hand in my life… I just had to WAIT for it, but it came.


  1. thanks for sharing Deon, I love to see what others are learning! Your son has sure grown, what a handsome guy.

  2. Thanks, Rachel - I love reading about you all as well. What a beautiful family!


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