Monday, August 11, 2008

Who Has a 20-Year Old??

I am not longer the mother of a teenage son - Elder T.'s 20th birthday was today! So, instead of making him a cheesecake, or a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cake, or a Batman cake, or a Spiderman cake, or a Pokemon cake, or a Phoenix Suns cake, or......(Well, those are the main ones I remember - and they were gorgeous if I do say so myself) whatever, I mailed him a cake mix with canned frosting (ew - yes, I am a frosting snob) so he could make his own cake today. I think I now have 20 years of worry-wrinkles on my face to prove it all - and grateful for everyone of them.

I hope the next 20 years are the best yet for him, and for me.


  1. I want to see cool cake pictures some time!

  2. OK-- come over and I will drag out the photo boxes, cuz they sadly aren't scrapbooked!

  3. Happy Birthday Brian! You must be so pleased with how well your Elder has turned out. I know I always look up to you when it comes to mothering and your kids prove what a great job you do. I never noticed that you had wrinkles, Deon! However, I think that wrinkles are like tears: there's one for each happy thought. (I don't know if you've seen Hook, but that's where it comes from) The big ones are really blissful, I guess :)

    I sure love you and Brian!



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