Friday, April 3, 2009

Plant Ponderings

I do not have a garden. I do not can. My food storage is not complete. Do not judge me (I have a friend who says that a lot on her blog, and it cracks me up - thanks, Val). My father was a master gardener. Even in the heat of the Arizona summer sun, we had a great garden - covered in smelly, awful "horse Panooch". According to him, that was THE best fertilizer ever. What else would a crusty, home-building cowboy say? I did not inherit his skills in this department.

I want a garden this year - ok, I said it out loud. I have a small, slopey, cruddy backyard taken up by a really big ugly bathtub (above-ground pool to you non-Marylanders), with many 4-legged critters who would probably eat anything planted, and no fence. So, where the heck would I put a garden? I don't know. I really don't. But I want a couple of these:

So I got all excited when I found really easy directions in my Better Homes and Gardens magazine. I thought, "WOW! Richard and I could probably actually do this! Let's do it!". Then he got assigned to work 7-day, 12 hour night shifts due to "world issues" so he can't help me. I don't do power tools.

Any husbands for hire?? Any girlfriends who use power tools?

I really can wait another year. Seriously.


  1. I just so happen to be doing the same thing this year. I am starting a square foot garden and can't wait! I have even planned enrichment activites around gardening this month! Here is a VERY helpful website I have found
    It takes you step by step, you can totally do it! It is really great info and she also works with a couple other girls that do similar pantry cooking blogs and long term food storage blogs. Good luck! I will be thinking of you!

  2. I would love to help. I am not very skilled with tools, but that hasn't stopped me yet! Now, we just need to find a way to entertain my little ones...

    I'd really like to put in a garden too, but we lack sunshine in our yard.

  3. I know you've seen our new backyard. I too want a garden. Out here the best way is the way you mentioned, but Jim's says his done working on the yard for now. So I'll fly to MD to help you and you fly out here and help me.

  4. I wish we were still closer. We built a nice garden last year, and hopefully I'll get my garden blog updated... sometime....

  5. Such nice friends! Thanks girls. I never meant this to be a whine fest, but I guess it came out that way. Sweet Aileen's hubby is going to help me and Jodee's websites are wonderful! Laura, you are welcome to pop over to see it all whenever. Now if I can find some sort of almost flat ground I should be good to go next week sometime! Thanks for all the offers and well wishes! Erin honey - fly out ANY time and I would love nothing more than to come and help you too! And Jenn - wow - you have such a wealth of knowledge! Awesome!

  6. Okay, I have always wanted a raised bed garden. I have always wanted a beautiful garden. I want fresh, quality produce. But let's face it, I really don't like to play in the dirt. So this year I joined a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). Now I can have great stuff and I don't have to worry about growing it.

    Surprise girlfriend!

  7. My garden is in a raised bed, but I can't say much more. I didn't have to make it, so you can call me a cheater who 'rents' her space for the summer. Love those community gardens!


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