Monday, May 25, 2009

25 on the 25th!

It's early in the morning on May 25th as I write this post. Today is our 25th wedding anniversary. Today I have been married for longer than I was single. Today.... I am not with Hubby, though, because he had a stinkin' work emergency. But that's ok - we planned ahead and celebrated by taking a trip away together last weekend (I'll post about that, too). I can deal.

We have spent a great deal of time, individually and together, reflecting on the last 25 years of our lives together. My main thoughts are simple-how very blessed I feel to have a solid marriage rooted in love and in the gospel of Jesus Christ, and the knowledge that marriage IS eternal. As I approach the "second half" - or more likely, the last third of my life, appreciation and longing for an eternal marriage with this man I love have deepened greatly.Although I may had already been introduced to Richard, I first really noticed him in a Testimony Meeting during Spring Semester at BYU in 1983. He had just been through a very challenging time - the rawness of the situation was reflected in his words and his tears. I knew that man had an unwavering testimony. I was deeply touched. I looked forward to seeing him in Sunday School where he immediately found ways to tease me and to make me laugh. More opportunities to laugh, share testimony, dance, and to play Midnight Frisbee came over the next few months and it gradually became very clear that he was the one for me! I always cringe (only because I feel embarrassed) a little when he publicly "waxes mushy" so I won't go into that too much more. However, as is traditional in the blogging world to make lists, would it not be tragic if I did not make a TOP 25 THINGS I LOVE about HUBBY on this great day of days??

I must comply. Here it is.

Top 25 Reasons to Love Richie

1. Honors the Priesthood of God, which he holds
2. Complete unselfishness
3. Vast gospel knowledge and understanding
4. Daily Bed Head – photo-worthy, actually
5. Sparkly blue eyes
6. Complete support to me in anything I attempt, ever
7. Dedication to me and to the kids
8. Love of little children
9. Deep love for the Savior
10. For not driving in neutral when I’m in the car
11. Lack of guile
12. SOO smart!
13. Cute ski nose
14. Silver Fox hair
15. Hobby is family
16. Desires to get better at home improvement – and he is!
17. Trusts in my decisions
18. NOT a clean freak (I didn’t used to like this….. I do now)
19. Only took 7 years to get garbage night right
20. King of being flexible
21. Always values my opinion
22. Lets me hog the remote
23. Sense of humor – there, I admitted it.
24. Taste in music – except for Joe Jackson
25. Constant, dedicated and unconditional love, every day, for all these years

Here's to 25 more, Rich!


  1. LOVE the pics! Happy Anniversary.

  2. Happy Anniversary! You are one of the greatest couples I know. Thanks for being such a great example. We love you!

  3. So cute. You guys are just the greatest.



  5. Congrats on 25 years! You are such a great couple and a wonderful example to us all. Hope the next 25 are just a good.

  6. Great post Deon! Love the wedding pics. Hope it was a Happy Anniversary! P.S. Is the comment from Jacquie W??? If so, tell her hi. I need to get her my blog info.

  7. Deon I love this post. It was fun to learn about you and Richard. You are a great couple and Russ and I appreciate your good examples. We miss you guys.--Vivian


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