Friday, May 22, 2009

A little Shoppers Etiquette

After a fascinating trip to run some “quick” errands, I feel it necessary to speak to the local townspeople and share a few pearls of etiquette – just in case they are reading.

~~We (the collective “we”, those “around” YOU. Yes, YOU) do NOT want to hear your loud and obnoxious answers on your cell phone to your friends/co-workers while you enter Lowes. Please let us along our way.

~~Although I am not a fashionista, I am pretty sure that really low –cut jeans with short shirts and voluminous “muffin tops” are no longer in style (ok, so I am questioning whether and why they EVER were). Please, girls – large and small – COVER yourselves. I don’t want to see your ample hiney while you lean over the bananas. I do not show you mine. Perhaps you should save a few dollars and buy some pants that actually fit. I’m just sayin’.

~~To the TWO ladies in TWO different cars on TWO different phones who blocked me in the parking spot because you were not paying attention. – GET OFF the PHONE!

~~It is acceptable etiquette to move your shopping cart to the SIDE of the aisle so that people can actually negotiate AROUND you while you read the labels. Great job for reading those labels – just please move aside.

~~When someone is at the end of an aisle, against the wall, where there is no place to turn around, you should perhaps consider not ENTERING it until they make their quick ice cream selection and move out. Ponder please.

I guess it could simply be that today, when we finally have some nice warm weather, that our citizens’ brain cells were slightly…..warped. And just not thinking??

Maybe it’s just me, but I think it is more than likely a lack of manners, civility, and thinking of those around us.

I can say that now….. I am almost 50 and will be earning the run-off-at-the-mouth-opinion license.

I will not be afraid to use it.


  1. It seems like once many years ago your husband told me I reminded him of you...I hope that is a good thing not bad. Anyway, when I read this post I totally see myself thinking the same exact things. Except I would add one more...skinny jeans are called skinny jeans for a reason, if you're not skinny don't wear them! Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.

  2. I give a resounding AMEN to everything you've said!

  3. Could I add one more if I may....Don't bring your sleepy, crying toddler to the 8pm movie I just shelled $40 out to take my family to see!

    Oh and Amen Sister to your list!!

  4. OH yes and Amen back to my sisters here - keep those additions coming!!

  5. That post was so funny! A flood of Baltimore memories just came back. For Walmart employees: How about actually checking customers out at the register instead of chatting it up with your homeboys - even though you only have 10 minutes left on your shift. That's 10 minutes that you are still supposed to be WORKING! Be glad you live north or your etiquette list might be longer the closer you get to the city. : )

  6. Thanks, Lisa - glad I gave you a chuckle! I gotta say though that in my many travels to Utah, I have witnessed some of the WORST people with BAD cell phone manners in public places, though. One that comes to mind was in a restroom at University Mall where a lady was in a STALL talking to her bishop about her "welfare needs". Could NOT believe it.

  7. I have to agree with you, and thanks for the laugh. I also wish more people would cover themselves...fat or skinny. I don't want to see that, and I surely don't want my boys to see it either(booties, muffin tops, cleavage, etc.)

  8. Remember Fried Green Tomatoes and Kathy Bates just smashing into that car in the parking lot? Oh it is classic-"I'm older and I have more insurance." Your line about being old enough to just say what you think reminded me of that scene. Not that you would do anything so rude. But it still applies I think. And it is not just you. Manners are a dying species.


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