Monday, May 4, 2009

I Submit That This is Truly Funny

On Saturday night, Hubby and I went to see the hysterical comedian, Brian Regan, in Baltimore at the Meyerhoff. We went with Diane and Ken - FAB companions for such an event. If you have never heard Brian's comedy, then you must check out his website and YouTube videos to get a taste for his hilarity.

I have never been to a comedy show like this. Sitting on about the sixth row, and five minutes into it, my mouth and cheeks hurt from cracking up every ten seconds.

Despite the laughing hyena lady (SERIOUSLY, this woman has issues - NON-stop guffaws, hooting, howling, cackling, and just exTREMEly loud belly laughs) who sat right behind Diane and me, and getting drinks spilled on our pants and shoes thanks to the two drunk girlie boys in front of us who got up THREE times to bring in two cups EACH of more adult beverages to consume, (MIND you, Diane and I are all about shoes for these types of events.... we were not happy), we had a wonderful evening enjoying CLEAN, satisfying, family comedy . Loved it loved it loved it.

If I were you, I would check out his tour dates at a city near you (he is in and out of Utah all the time - for all you Utah people). He will be in Lancaster, Pa, in June. Hmm....

Diane - perhaps we need to stalk him there - or is that when you will already BE in Hershey??? Dang - You are So smart!!

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  1. We love Brian Regan-he is quoted more often than Pres. Monson for sure in our house. We saw him in Frederick last year and he was awesome. Glad you enjoyed it!


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