Monday, November 2, 2009

Costumers are Here

Gone are the days of teaching school and decorating my classroom full of goblins, spiders, jack- o- lanterns and eery creatures.  Can public school teachers even whisper the words, "Happy Halloween" anymore?  Craziness - that was back in the 80s when that wasn't such a horrible, evil thing.

Also in the past are days and days of planning and prepping for my kids' costumes. Many times I sewed their costumes - until B was about 11 and L can't remember.  Oh wait - that is because I still SEW them for her!!  We have skipped a year or two, but she loves the homemade ones still - I am grateful for that, even though I procrastinate and then stress out.  Why do moms do that?  You'd think that now that I am FIFTY I would have figured that out.
  Alas, I have not.
This year we did plan ahead since she wanted us to go to the Renaissance Festival.  Here is L in her 17- year -old Fairy Sweet and Innocence:
  And then, on All Hallows Eve, she changed her mind.....hmm......those brainy brain cells got to thinking and planning and thinking and planning.  I said, "OH no - I have already made ONE costume for you this year, you are on your own now!"

And she came up with this:

Clever girl!   She enjoyed sitting on the porch with her dad freaking out young and old.  Goulish Girly fun. And then, her HULK of a bud came over and freaked us out.  Not that he was goulish -
 he was Bill Clinton.

You know, that hulk of a president?  What a riot. Two goofs goofing.  Perfect. 

My heart was full of jack-o-lantern joy.


  1. You're a more patient mom than me. I stopped sewing my kids costumes when they were about four.

  2. PS Leslie look GREAT in both of her costumes!

  3. Les looks so beautiful in that dress!!!! I love her creativity with her other costume! Did she do her own face painting? I tried that once, and vowed never to try again...Ü. Say Hi to Les for me!


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