Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hair Today, Snob Tomorrow

 Since the 1970s, I have been a hair cut snob.  That's when my brother married his first wife, who was an amazing hair stylist.  It was wonderful to be 15 and have your own personal "cosmetologist", as we called it back then.   She started me on the "Dorothy Hamill" look.   Oh my gosh - loved it loved it loved it.  In fact, I think nearly every hair cut I have had since then has been some variation of that. Do NOT, however, put me in the category of women in their 40s and 50s who still wear Farrah Fawcett Wings. 

NEVER had them, and I seriously die when I see them today.

Ok wait - I think I did have those bangs for a year or two, but that was IN the 70s, not in the 90s or the 00s.  Geesh.

That sister in law spoiled me.  I have been a snob ever since.  Every time I move to a new location, I am very nervous until I find that hair stylist - the one who gets me and gets my hair.  Living in South Korea brought on the biggest challenge ever!   I stooped so low as to grow it out and get a......stacked perm.  Yes I did!  It was 1991 - didn't know any better.  Before moving back to the USA, I did chop it off again for a bit.  Other challenges have included various hair stylists from church - usually ones that I knew would move away after hubbies' grad schools.  I couldn't even take a chance on getting attached to them, for they would leave me...stranded and alone.

 I have lived in this town for 13 years now and I have gone through 4 stylists and I am now on #5.   I have found her!  I LOVE JULIE!  There, I said it.  She gave me the most perfect hair cut since about 20 years ago.  I am in heaven.  And looks a little Dorothy Hamill-ish.  But, it is NOT Farrah-ish at all.

Don't EVEN wait for that - it will never happen.

Apologies to my nieces who do hair - if I lived close to you, I promise I would go to you!


  1. Looks great! I just ditched my stylist of 15+ years and started going to my friend that lives in my neighborhood. I still have some guilt, because the only reason I abruptly stopped going to her was because she works 30 minutes away. I have been happy with Lindsay (the new stylist) and her prices are lower since she works out of her house. I also confess to be a hair snob. I believe in frequent trims to keep my hair looking healthy. Style is also very important.

  2. I really like this cut! Your hair always looks great though! I am only as snobby as the budget allows!

  3. You do have great hair which I have always admired. Me on the other hand, only cut/color my hair to keep from turning into an old hag. Hairstylists hate me because I never know what I want and go so infrequently that there's no continuity!


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