Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas, Florida -Style

I suppose it is time to report on our Christmas Adventures, celebrating in a very non-traditional way-well, non-traditional for us.  As I explained in this post,  we went to Florida.  Things started out a little rocky, since our college son took a few days to readjust to family life, but he did just fine after a day or two of attitude.  All in all, everything went amazingly well. 

We focused on non-tangible gifts for one another, gifts which enhanced family relationships - gifts that reflect the Savior's love and purpose for family.  We gave very small purchased gifts that were well-thought out.   We did have our Christmas Devotionals.  Everyone tried hard to be cooperative as we planned our days out at the parks.  It wasn't perfect all the time, but efforts were made and patience was found.

I never sent out Christmas cards, I delivered a few goodies, I wrapped only a few presents.  I forgot our stockings in Maryland! Here is a mixture of photos from Disneyworld as well as Universal Studios.

First night - Downtown Disney
Attack of the BIRDS on the Ferry Ride to Magic Kingdom


LOVE the parades - wish I could have seen more of them

Attacking a childhood nightmare - and winning this time

Butter Beer- only BEER these children better ever drink.

Gift bags for "stocking items" since I forgot the stockings....

After many months in 2010 which were extremely difficult, I often teared up thinking about how thankful I was that we were all together again.  I wasn't sure that would happen.  The Lord blessed us.  We saw the holidays differently than before.  There are several things that I would repeat again the next holiday season.  I LOVED being stress-free - I can't say that enough.  I don't think I will have that luxury again, but I will certainly seek it out! 

Guess I'll have to WAIT and see......


  1. I LOVE all your pictures! I'm getting a serious itch to go to Disney World again....I'm trying to convince Tyler that we should go to Disneyland Paris this summer...but I don't know if I'll win that battle. I'm seriously jealous that you guys went to the Harry Potter world too!

  2. Looks like so much fun! Leslie looks great in the pictures. I'm glad you all could spend such great quality time.

  3. It was great to see you guys and meet your kids as adults! I'm glad you had a good time together!

  4. I love this post and all that it says, both in words and pictures. That one of both of them together with the huge, matching smiles-oh it thrilled me. Merry Christmas, friend.


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