Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Stockings - the mini kind.

Anyone still out there?  Yes, we're still alive.  I just haven't felt like saying much here.  Yes, there was a wedding - some of you have seen the photos on Facebook.  I will post about that at some point.  I've just kind of lost my blogging desire.

BUT, this post is about my Christmas project this year.  I decided to make something for my son and his new wife that would continue a Christmas tradition of ours.

I love Christmas advent - I love little gadgets and things that count down the days, and we did that a lot when my kids were little.  About 14 or 15 years ago, I made these:

 These little stockings, in a variety of fabrics, have hung down our banister every Christmas since then. They are filled with 1 little candy per person, with varying types so you never know what you'll get!  Some years they were ignored, so one Christmas in the recent past I didn't put them up to see if anyone cared.  They did - I put them back the next year.  That'll teach 'em!  It was nice to know that these treasured sewn-by-Mom stockings mattered.

Here are the ones I made for B and B:

 The differences?  My friend with a letter cutter cut the numbers for me instead of having to use a Sharpie.  The fabrics are a bit more "hip and happenin'", and I was lucky enough to find Charlie Brown Christmas fabric!  Love it - that is a Christmas MUST around here.  

Here is what they looked like together, old and new:

 B and B can choose how to hang them, and how to use them.  Hopefully they will continue a much-loved tradition.  I had great fun making them.  Another special memory begun.

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  1. How darling! What a sweet tradition! :O) I know they will love them.


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