Saturday, December 31, 2011

Tait Times of 2011 - Part One

I decided to do a "year in review" like I've seen so many other bloggers do.   My purpose may be a little different - I've left out a lot of things on this blog this year.  I am torn with what to do with it and whether or not I will continue to blog at all - I think I say that at least once a year (maybe twice!).  So, until I decide, I shall continue on.  Here we go with some highlights:

January - I finished my first t-shirt quilt.  It turned out so beautifully.  My dear friend Carrie is such a patient teacher.  Les began her first semester in college.

February - I remember being very busy and overwhelmed preparing for our stake Relief Society Women's Conference.  In my church calling, I am the president over several congregations of LDS women.  We decided to do a women's conference.  At the time, my two counselors in our presidency were having lots of challenges and traveling, and so my secretary and I had to really be the ones to keep the ball rolling.  I think I started to breathe again sometime in late March, a few weeks before the event.  We're gearing up to prepare for one in 2012.  I can already feel the heart palpitations....

March - hmm.... must have just been living day to day life.

April - The previously  mentioned Womens' Conference came and went and was wonderful.   We were blessed with a great committee and had what we felt was great success.

This is also the month when the beginning of the rest of the year's busy-ness began.  Brian found and began dating who would become his future bride.  Many texts and phone calls were exchanged an prayers said in his behalf.

 I also planned, prepared for and went on my 11 day Mom adventure!  I never posted an update nor photos. So,  here we are:

BYU Women's Conference was truly amazing.  I had a great time with my high school friends.  I was truly blessed and uplifted by so many wonderful talks and classes.

I spent 3 days or so with Miki and Debbie.  We were also able to connect with Lisa, who I hadn't seen since I got married.

Ironically, my dearest friend from when we lived in South Korea, from Canada, HAPPENED to be in Utah!  She found out I was there through....Facebook.  The Irony.  I got spend a quick lunch and chat with her and her wonderful family.  I love you, Linda!

After Women's conference, I drove up to Rexburg, Idaho, to see my dear son.  I was so happy to see him!  As soon as I arrived, her came over and brought his girlfriend, Brittney, with him.  I opened my hotel room door and saw a beautiful girl holding my son's hand (I don't think they have let go yet... :-) ).As soon as I saw her, I knew she was the one for him.  We went to dinner together - here is the first photo I took of them:

I was first called, "Brian's mom", and then she coined the nickname, "Momma D".  I think I like it.  I immediately liked her.  We spent a couple of days getting to know one another.  I was sad to leave.

May:  After leaving Rexburg, I drove back to Salt Lake and then flew to Arizona to visit my family.  My niece Linsey had had baby boy #3 and I was taking him a baby quilt!  (maybe that's what I did in March....).

Me and baby  Ridge

His brother, Bo, kinda liked it, too.
I forgot to get really good pictures of the quilt beforehand, so these are the best I have.
And, my other niece Evani also had had a new baby!  I couldn't wait to meet sweet Abigail Mae, too. 

My brother Randy and his newest granddaughter
 She got a quilt too - I'll post that later.
I visited with as many family members as I could.  Here are a few photos from that:

Linsey, Genevie and me

My nephew's wife, Stacey, and Krew
And with Navi
Travis and Krew
 Right after I returned, it was Mother's Day.  I spent a great weekend with Rich and Les:

June:  Ah, the beginning of the months of wedding-ing.  Brian and Brittney were unofficially engaged for several weeks, but  made it official at the end of June.  The moms, however, were beginning to move in high gear even though a date hadn't been officially set.

This was also the month when we decided to have a few things done to the house that were needed.  We had the above-ground pool removed, we had some new doors put in off of our family room, and had a new sidewalk poured out front.  What should have taken a few weeks lasted a few months.  It was a frustrating time, but we made it through.

Whew - that was a lot longer than I thought it would be!  I guess you'll have to WAIT a little while for part 2 - coming right away.  

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