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Tait Times of 2011 - Part Two (yes, this one includes a link to all the wedding stuff!)

MORE fun just for you... hahaaaa.....but, in reality, it's probably only for me.

July:  Our dear friends, the Davies, moved to Texas several years ago.  They are a family who likes to do birthdays up BIG.  For her 50th birthday, he wanted to fly us out for her big party as a surprise.  He invited several of her "old best friends" from over the years.  It was so very wonderful!  We had a great time.  I even went on a helicopter ride!  Shocking, truly.

The next few months of details have blurred lines.  From July through September I was overwhelmed with wedding plans.  "But you were just the mother of the groom - what was the big deal?" you say?  Silly you.  It was decided that the wedding would be in the Salt Lake LDS temple.  We were hoping family would travel to it from all over the U.S.  We were blessed that they did.  So, I needed to plan what we called a "Groom's Dinner" for the families of the bride and groom.  We also decided to have an Open House here in Maryland, which would be pretty much like a reception.  I was also helping with many of the reception plans.  So, I think I didn't breathe again until September 18, the day after the Open House.

Engagement photos were taken by Britt's mom.  Here is her blog - she really does a great job!

The kids both flew back here after school was out (BYU Idaho has a summer semester ending mid-July, in case you didn't know).   We looked forward to some time with Britt before they got hitched -we needed to test her to be sure she'd fit in, right?  Well, she did of course.

She EVEN attended a Karaoke competition that Rich did with his work - singing ELVIS!  Now, that's love!

We were sad to see her go....

August - We celebrated Brian's birthday.  Fun!  Continued wedding frenzy consumed me.  I messed up the name of their blog for RSVPing on the little paper that went out with the wedding invitations.  D'oh!  Holy moly.  I think I had a birthday in there somewhere as well.  My friend Amanda was queen of the Open House here, and we met and talked on the phone probably a million times.

September - OH, September!  I will spare you all the minute details. I flew to Utah several days before the big event to prepare and to help out in any way possible.  There was much to do!

The wedding stuff is in a separate post here.

During all of the wedding festivities, I was also involved in planning another Stake Relief Society event.  Thankfully other members of the presidency and committee members took that one over since I was in wedding mode for so many weeks!

Leslie also started her first full semester.  She started out great until.....

October - the beginning of October changed our lives once again.  We thought it would be just for  a few weeks, but has turned into an on-going challenge.   Les began feeling dizzy and nauseated in class.  We gave it a few days, then started going to doctors.  Then we went to more doctors.  And more doctors.  Stay tuned for November and December....

Halloween, oh Halloween.  This is Les's favorite time of the year (next to Christmas, of course).  She planned for months to turn our front yard into one of the video games from  the Legend of Zelda series.  She worked for weeks to paint and create her scene.  She sewed her own costume, which she has worn to many anime conventions.

 Very cool, I must say.

I quilted in October - yet again.  Pictures on that to come.

November - more doctors.  Leslie had to withdraw from all of her classes. She could do only a little bit more than "veg" on the couch, rest, listen to audio books, etc.  She was dizzy and light-headed nearly all the time.  Her appetite was horrible due to the nausea. It has been a very frustrating process.

 A very boring and uneventful Thanksgiving came and went.

December - well, in addition to CHRISTMAS, we finally got a diagnosis for Leslie.  We went to a doctor affiliated with Johns Hopkins and he says she has Vestibular Migraine.  He is unsure of the cause, but he and we are pretty sure it is from a medication change that happened the beginning of October when this all began.  It's like something in her brain snapped and won't snap back.  There is no quick solution, although he assures us she will see an end in sight.  At this point, we don't know if she will be able to go to school in January.  More tests will be run soon.  Say a a prayer or two for this dear young woman, if you would.  

We decided to fly to Arizona for Christmas this year.  We haven't been there to celebrate this holiday in many, many years.  Since B and B were there working and taking a semester off, it seemed like a great plan.  We had a lot of fun - except for Christmas Day when all 5 of us were sick in the hotel room with the stomach flu.  UGHHHH.....

Suns!  Not a great game, but we were THERE!

My brother with two of his grandbabies

Our dear friend, Sis. Gina Stephens, serves in Mesa.  We sneaked in a little visit!  

I also was able to attend a get-together with some high school friends.  I didn't get photos of all of us together, but here are a few:

These women blessed my life in high school and college, as well as today.

What an amazing year!  Lots of travel, lots of planning, lots of visiting with family and friends from past years, and lots of blessings.  I know Heavenly Father's hand has been with us every step.

It seems we have an every-other-year-that's-good.  2011 was fabulous.  I am nervous about 2012.  Still I have great hopes to learn new skills, to organize, to be healthier and  to be closer to God.

I don't know what to do with this blog.  I feel like my thoughts and words are pretty boring to most.  Maybe I'll find a new twist.

Guess you'll just have to WAIT a little while and see.....

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  1. I loved your update Deon. Hopefully you'll continue to blog. I do read it all the time, I'm just not a great commenter. I feel like blogging has become a thing of the past for many people. Thanks for your Christmas card. It was really cute!


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