Thursday, April 30, 2009

Good Times in Novice Gardening #4

We finally had dry enough weather to finish putting "Mel's Mix" into the boxes. Les was a GREAT helper. Here they are - all ready for planting!

We shopped for seeds and seedlings to plant, but I didn't get to them until today finally. I have the official grids used in "Square Foot Gardening" for one box, but since those are officially supposed to be 4' by 4', I had to adapt. This first box is 8' x 3", so I have to have some grids made for it - maybe HUBBY will help me on Saturday? Still, I planted anyway and hope the grids fit when I have them some day. This box that is against the wall will need to have a net and frame so that the tomatoes, peppers, zucchini and other stuff have a place to climb. Hopefully Hubby will help me with that, too???

I also planted broccoli, onions, carrots, several types of herbs and lettuces, cherry tomatoes, and I even am trying strawberries. We have lots of critters in our neighborhood, so we will see if it all lasts - and then June bugs will be along soon as well.

One of the interesting things about following Square Foot Gardening guidelines is that you can add flowers amongst the veggies. So, I did!

I have SOO much to learn. So they say gardening is supposed to save you money, right? Well, let's see....with the wood, soil mix, and plants and seeds, I could have paid for another trip to Utah or two (read my other posts if you are wondering why that would matter....). However, this year was my big investment and I need to LEARN this stuff - provident living, right? Right?

Now, I just have to WAIT a little while for some stuff to harvest!


  1. It looks great, I'm impressed! I hope it all works for you. Next year I would like to try gardening. We've just got to get in our house and then I can think about it!

  2. I feel that the joy of gardening is worth the investment. Have fun! I am going to get seeds and starts tomorrow.

  3. GOOD LUCK!! Kris loves gardening now. It looks like you've caught the bug too :)

  4. Wow! I'm impressed already!

  5. Maybe someday I'll be as cool as you. These look AWESOME. My gardening skills are nil, but you're planting a seed in me (pun intended) to be better!


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