Monday, March 24, 2008

Falling Over Inside Out

As I have stated here before, one of my favorite things to do is to sing in my car with my family. Richard and I have been doing that since we started dating – originally singing to Billy Joel and of course, Kenny Loggins. We have also always been drawn to unusual groups with unique harmony, such as The Nylons, Take 6, Manhattan Transfer, just to name a few. It must stem from when I was in a group called “ The Beauty Shop Quartet” when I was in high school.

Our current favorite group is Inside Out, an LDS group of men that formed at BYU during their years with BYU Men’s Chorus. We bought one of their CDs several years ago, which rapidly became a favorite to listen to on family trips and on Sundays. We have since bought almost every one they have produced, and were lucky enough to see them perform live at the Washington, DC Visitors Center a few years ago.

This past summer we took our last vacation before Brian left on his mission. We flew out west and rented a car, and drove all over Nevada, Utah, Idaho, and Arizona. We purchased two of IO’s newest CDs Sharing Time and Experience. Sharing Time is their unique take on many Primary songs, with one or two originals they wrote. Believe me, once you hear their version of “Once There Was a Snowman”, you will never go back!

We now have great memories of family vacations attached to these songs. Isn’t if funny how music affects us in that way? Music is a true gift from Heavenly Father, and this group uses it in such a great way to bring humor and spirit to our lives.

Take a listen to a few of there songs here. If you enjoy music as a family, or even just for yourself, consider adopting this groups as one of your favorites, too.


  1. One of the group members (Kimball) was in our ward here in Virginia and we grew to LOVE all of their music as well! My kids love the peanut butter and jelly song.

  2. This is one of our favorites too! We put Primary Jaboree on repeat and dance around the house. I also love Manahattan Transfer - hmmm, I think I need to go find that CD:)

  3. We love all the LDS A Cappella groups and also like Rockapella. I haven't heard of the sharing time CD. I am totally going to check that out!


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