Monday, March 31, 2008

Pretending to be Organized

I love Target. I love the Dollar Spot. I know that many of you love it, too, because I have either read that on your blogs or we have discussed it. However I particularly only love it right AFTER a holiday. That is when the coolest stuff is there in my opinion. That is also when my FAVORITE dollar old lady reading glasses are there. I buy many pairs at once and put them all over the house, in the car, in my purse, etc.. They don’t last long, so I need lots of them! You 30-somethings will get that in a few years….

Today, on this blog, Creative Organizing (thanks to my idea girl, Erin) I saw cute little galvanized tubs, which were purchased at said store in said dollar spot. So, while near Target today, I went in and got some. I can be trendy and unable to resist peer pressure as much as the next girl. Did I know what to DO with the little tubs? Of course not. But I bought a few. I also bought some of their cool gardening stuff as well (ask me in a few weeks how my little herb garden is doing, which will be placed in…. one of these new little tubs! OH my!)

So, a few months ago I bought this at Target. I have the world’s smallest bathrooms and worst storage available known to woman in this house. All you girls with your big bathrooms and bathtubs, and walk-in closets, be grateful. I thought this little shelf would be a great little item under my very out-of-place pedestal sink in the aforementioned no-storage bathroom (no, I did not choose it – the previous owners installed it). Low and behold, while getting ready to write this post, I find that this is supposed to be a SHOWER shelf. Who knew? I also of course have a very tiny shower with no place to put anything, so I just may well get another one of those puppies and try it in the shower – well, that is, if there is enough ROOM for it and me at the same time. That is questionable….

Ok, so since I bought that little shelf thingie, I have been looking for little “holders” to “hold” things on the little shelves that would be attractive. What could I find that will fit? AH HA!!!! You got it – these little galvanized tubs ALSO come in little buckets with a handle and…. they fit! I feel so creative now. IF I actually had time, I would put it all together for you and photograph it like you all are so good at doing. But alas, I gotta run…… I must not be so creative as I thought.

And, I don’t have the patience to WAIT to post this later….°Ü°


  1. I was totally going to blog about about the dollar spot at Target this week.

  2. I had to laugh when I read you bought the tubs because they were cute and yet didn't know what you would put in them at the time. I had just been wondering if they had them here (haven't been to target for a while), and thinking that I might like to buy some -- didn't know what I'd put in them though!*^.^*


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