Sunday, March 16, 2008

L's Bedroom Re-Do

Well, you have been WAITING for sooo long (Selena!), I thought I would finally finish Leslie's new room re-do. I know, it only took me about two months. HA. Her room walls used to be pink with a painted border at the top made from stripes of dark purple and brighter pink. Then there were big flowers and swirlies stamped over the top out of paint in various coordinating colors.
I LOVED it. However, as she approached turning 16, she decided she needed a room that was a bit more sophisticated. I hesitantly agreed (knowing that I would be doing most of the work!).

She chose the black and white bedding, (JC Penney), paint (a greyish-blue -Lowe's paint), motif, curtains (Ikea shimmery sheers), and the quotes for her walls made out of vinyl (Thanks to my friend Kaylene who has/had a vinyl lettering business!).
Leslie's room is VERY small and her closet is minuscule, which adds many challenges to decorating and living. We have many cute boxes providing storage underneath her daybed. They are hidden for the purpose of this post! I find the room a bit too busy for me, but I"m not 16 and she LOVES it. I think she did very well choosing the colors and items. So, enjoy.

I welcome advice on this one.... I said the room is small. This bookshelf below is the only place for storage for her for craft things, a few extra books, a few cherished nicknacks, etc. other than the other stuff under her bed! So, you organizers out there - post any suggestions you have! It has to be as trouble-free as possible, and match the room of course, and oh, cheaper than Pottery Barn!


  1. Her room looks fabulous! Good Job!

  2. You have been busy! It looks great! I love all the vinyl lettering. As for the shelf ideas...still thinking....maybe whicker fabric lined baskets for stuff you want to have accessible, but hide???

  3. I love it! and the bedding looks absolutely perfect ;) storage, huh...have you thought of maybe a different kind of shelf...kind of like the cubicle looking could stack as many as you wanted, but could kind of 'group' some of the things you wanted to display...I'll keep thinking!

  4. Here's my quick things that go together, together. Decided if you want to see stuff or not. Throw out unwanteds, and then shop for some bins, baskets, etc.. that match and will give it a finished look. Always try Target, even can totally find stuff on a budget.

  5. The room looks great and perfect for Leslie. Once, when I wanted to hide what was on some open shelves, I made a cute curtain and put it on a suspension rod. You could even get an extra set of curtains like the ones on the windows. Good luck!

  6. It turned out really well! The vinyl lettering is a fun and unique touch.

    I found Michael's has a really cute line of fabric lined baskets...I just waited until they went 50% off and got a bunch for our girls' room where space is also an issue.

  7. Great ideas, girls! I will have to work on that .....soon!?!


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