Monday, March 31, 2008

Let the recipe SHOW!

Today has been a cold and dreary day - didn't feel like Spring at all.
I definitely am affected by the weather - So, I sat at my computer way too much.
BUT - look what I found!! This fun website called has all kinds of cool things. It appears to be quite a "green" site. While I appreciate all that Heavenly Father has created for us, and definitely feel that we need to care for our earth, etc., I do believe this "green" thing has gone way too far. That said, there are some very unique and fun things here. I print recipes from friends and from the internet all the time. I have my own way or organizing recipes in 4 x 6 photo albums and just slide them into the little photo sleeves. However, this thing seems to be way better than that! I just may have to order one!


  1. I am certainly tired of the rain too! One of the things I miss most is feeling real, natural heat. I haven't felt real heat from the sun since we left! I totally need to organize my recipes and my bathrooms. Okay, do you shower in a telephone booth? I now know why European women don't shave. You have to be a gymnist to get your legs up and do the splits on the shower wall. I think I have shaved 3 times in 8 months!!!!

  2. Dionne, thanks for the visual!! LOL! My shower is probably similar to yours, actually, but perhaps a bit bigger - doing the splits has never been required. I guess I could never live in jolly old England, then - I would crash and burn without the sun for that long.
    Hugs to you all!

  3. Love the recipe book! I have made a few myself in the 4x6 photo frames, but I always run out of pages. Ugh. Have you known anyone to sell clear refill pages???

  4. He He, so you liked Reon huh? How about Dichard? Now that's a good one!

  5. Ha ha - Jodee, yea you are funny. Kate, I have bought the small photo albums at dollar stores, and kept an extra one just so I can pull the pages out from it to re-fill. Mine are little binders with rings that pull open, so it is pretty easy.


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