Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Flowers from Out of Town

When my sweet hubby goes out of town, he sends me flowers. I adore that about him. What is so funny though is that I forget about it almost every time he goes, and so I am always surprised when the flowers show up!! Is that old age?? I suppose it is. Lately he has used Pro Flowers, which delivers gorgeous flowers. They last a very long time. Here is the kind I got this time:

LOVE them. LOVE him.

Hubbies, ponder that the next time you go out of town….. it is worth it!!

(OH and if you click on the photo, you will see it says "Bagels". That is a post for another time. Remind me on Valentine's Day.)


  1. that is so nice of him...i hope my future husband does that!!

  2. I hope he will, too. We can definitely put that in our interview questions for him, Laura.

  3. He's so sweet! I think I'm going to send Glen this link as a subtle hint. :)

  4. that's so nice... I seriously need to have your husband call danny and give him a few pointers... danny is amazing but a little at a loss when it comes to surprising me with flowers or something like that... he always asks me which the thought is nice but kind of defeats the purpose of a surprise... poor guy, he tries! :D Merry Christmas!


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