Monday, December 1, 2008

Tait Turkey Day

[OK, so I have been trying to make a mosaic from Picasa to upload here.... Well, I made one. However, blogger won't upload the collage. It shows up as separate photos, not the collage. Maybe it's because I turned this into a three-column blog? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? If any of you techy bloggers can help, please let me know. I am tired of trying.]

We went to Utah for Thanksgiving this year. I don't think we have spent a holiday there since.....1980 something. We had a great time with Richard's family. Here are a few highlights:

David, an awesome nephew who really loves Lemonheads (long story)....

Lynnette, his talented and gorgeous wife with Jackson - this little family spent the day being thankful for Primary Children's Hospital after an incident with a doggie - both participants are fine. While they were gone, we took care of:

....Kaden. Uncle Richie did share him a little and let him take his naps.

Dear Liz came with Alexandra and Adara and Joel (below). They all were SOOO happy that I took pictures!!

OK, so Joel didn't mind it so much! Great kid!

Janet, our lovely hostess, checking out the spread.... deeLISHous.

A VERY scary man with an electric knife... yet donned in a lovely apron (actually, this was his mom's apron used many years ago for family gatherings!)

Cooperative nieces and nephews Jordan, Joel, Alexsandra and Adara....

....Les with cousins Parker and Lauren - equally as cooperative.

Aunt Lizzie, the queen of creating BEAUTIFUL jewelry, shares her talents with others (let me know if you want to buy some... her Etsy shop is almost up and running!).

Brother and Sister, hitting the bottle - of MARTINELLI'S of course...!!

More family joins us for some photos, including the girl cousin shot, full of JOYFUL gratitude...
........ or maybe that is just silliness? Annie -Bo-Bannie, Lolly Lou, Lilleth (in front), Hillary "Spike" and Bug.

Thank you, Timothys, for a wonderful, wonderful day!!


  1. Cute post! Next time I will smile I promise! good to see you guys.

  2. I loved this post. There is nothing as fun as looking at pictures of a family get together. It just makes you feel warm all over and you can't help but smile :o)

  3. Looks like you had a great week. I love the picture of Richie in the apron...I have a similar picture of my dad in a red apron.


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